cblack - March 20

Ok... I guess I am a little obsessed at this point, as most of us women seem to be when it comes to pregnancy. So I got curious, and looked up temps of women that are prego and it said that usually if you are pregnant your bbt will be in the range of 98.5 to 99.2 and when not pregnant it is usually around 97.0 to 97.8. Now it also says that right befor AF your temps range from 98.0 to 98.6, and will continue to go down till AF begins... now I should start sometime next week if I am not pregnant, so I guess there is the potential that the temp is just coming back down? I am also having other symptoms... runny nose, nausea, period like cramps, lower back pain.


cblack - March 20

Forgot to mention that my bbt was 98.5


lillybug - March 20

Hey cblack, every woman is different in bbt. my temperature when I was pregnant never pa__sed 97.6 and when I'm not pregnant its even lower than that. So don't base your temp on others. It could be misleading. What dpo are you? every cycle I had runny nose but never pregnant. Right now I'm late and I have nausea and lower back pain. Have you tested yet? when is af due?


MelissaP - March 20

You need to look at your whole chart, not just one temp to determine your patterns. Everyone is different. My temps are usually really high, like 98.4 and higher. Even when I start af I am like low 98's or like 97.9. Once following your chart for a few months, you will be able to determine whats high, low, normal, etc. for you.


cblack - March 20

Got it... well I am 10 dpo... never really charted anything before. I just had a baby back in Sept 07 and got back on bc in Dec 07, but I missed a weeks worth of pills in the first part of this months cycle. So I am really thinking I ovulated on or around the 11th.



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