BFP On CVS Test But Neg On First Response Please Help

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nino3 - October 22

So yesturday i went to CVS and got the CVS "+" and "-" test cause it was the chapest i could find. Anyways at first there was absolutely nothing but within 3 minutes there was a very very faint skinny line that made a positive. It was soooo faint i thought i was imagining it or that it was an evap. line so i didnt pay much attention to it. I took the test and put it in my drawer at work and forgot about it. About 35 minutes later I went to throw it away and to my surprise, that faint skinny line was very visible now and blue like the rest of the test. It wasnt an evap. line after all. It wasnt grey looking or faded. It was a definite line making a the test +. i got excited and went and got a first response test and also some dollar tests. Did the first response as soon as i got home from work but it was negative. I also did a dollar test and it was negative too. This morning i took the other First response test and it was negative. Now, am i pregnant or not???? Please respond. I still dont have a period and i have never gotten a positive test unless i was pregnant. The positive test was very positive and not an Evap. line cause i know what those look like. The line was blue and it was there. I dont know what to think. Besides the line on the CVS test was there withinn the 3 minutes but was very faint. I am sure if i would have looked at the test within the 10 minutes it would have been more visible but like i said, i discarded it and forgot to look at it again but im telling you all, this was no evap. line. It was a defiante positive. Please someone help. I heard that a positive is a positive but why are the other tests not picking it up?, especially first response that needs to be very sensitive. HELPPP


jmrandle - October 22

This happened to my sister before. They say on the box that the results are not accurate after like 7 min. After 7 min they absorb everything and give you a false positive. im sorry i know its a big disappointment! How many days past ovulation are you??


nino3 - October 22

I dont even know how many days past ovulation i am. I do not chart. I usually get my af between cd 28-32. Right now i am on cd38 and no af and no signs of it coming. Guess this is just a fluke period. Thanks for your response. I recommend never to use those things again becuase they are tricky. Thanks for your response.



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