Brown Spotting For Not Even 24 Hrs

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DownbutnotOUT - June 24

Hey ladies just want to get some more insight on some brown spotting I have been having. But heres a recap, On june 21 I got a faint BFP and today I tested again and there it was in all its glory BFP. Well yesterday afternoon I started spotting some brown blood and when I went to the bathroom and wiped there was brown and a bit of pink blood. (Sorry TMI) I am still having the spotting but its brown and CM is comming out with it making it almost a dark brown/purple color. It has no odor and I have no cramping nothing. Your opinions are appreciated ^_^. thanks and *~*Baby Dust*~*


huddie - June 24

well I'm no expert by any means..but since there is cm in there with it, I'm thinkin it could be implantation there alot of it or only when you wipe?


Emma2 - June 24

Implantation bleeding happens before you can get a BFP! It is no way that. She clearly is already pregnant and implantion has already occured. Lots of women spot in early pregnancy. this is due to many factors, it could be due to intercourse, sensitive cervix, excessive exercise, miscarrying , detaching uterus and the most common one "no reason known to anyone" and so on......


Suzy0117 - June 24

I have had two nurses and a doctor tell me that hcg starts being produced in small quant_ties before implantation occurs so a positive hpt is possible a couple days prior to implantation bleeding.


Emma2 - June 24

Suzy, that is not possible. The only way hcg is produced is agter implantation. No if and buts about it. You can believe whatever you chose to believe but that is just plain foolishness.


LN030905 - June 24

Hey, if implantation does not that considered a chemical pregnancy? That would be why some women who test extremly early get positives, right?


Emma2 - June 24

Ln, in order to have a chemical pregnancy once again you must implant. Wihtout implantation there is no way hcg is going to be detected.


Rhonda - June 24

I did hear that you will only get a positive hpt after implantation has occured.


Lin - June 24

Contact your doctor. Many women have bleeding in early pregnancy, but it is *always* something you should talk to your doctor about. If it is light bleeding, it is likely to not be a worry, but I wouldn't a__sume so until you've heard it from your doctor.


DownbutnotOUT - June 24

Thanks ladies and I will be talking to my dr tomorrow when hes in the office. Once again thanks! *~*Baby dust*~*


DownbutnotOUT - June 24

Huddie its only when I wipe.


Patti - June 24

Remember that brown blood is old. Therefore it could very well be implantation bleeding from a few days ago and it's just now coming out. I had something similar happen to me after I got my bfp and Dr. called it IB. As long as it's not bright red you should be okay, but you'll feel better if you contact your Dr.


Suzy0117 - June 25

Emma2, there is no need to call me foolish as I find that quite insulting. I am going off what I was told by OB professionals, and I certainly may be mistaken. I apologize if I am, but at the very least, implantation bleeding can definitely happen several days after implantation (in the form of old blood).


mrose - June 25

downbutnotout, I believe I read somewhere online, maybe on this site, that "implantation" bleeding can occur more than once. The first being with the egg first attaches itself to the uterus, and begins to implant. and the other being a week or two after af was due, it burrows itself even deeper into the lining of your uturus which is a more common time to have bleeding occur, b/c it is shedding the liner when it is burrowing deeper into it. so yes, it could very well be implanation bleeding AFTER you get a bfp.


maknyle - June 25

Hi, I hope you all don't mind me joining in. I was due for AF on Friday June 23. (27 day cycles) I had nothing on Friday, and yesterday I started with some brown blood. It doesn't make it to my panties. It is just there sometimes when I wipe. I had just a little bit of pinkish brown one time. Today, it is even more trace. More often than not there is absolutely nothing on the tissue. This morning the HPT was BFN though. I am confused, but after researching IB, I am going to test again in 48 hours and see what happens.


DownbutnotOUT - June 25

hey maknyle welcome but this is just a ? thread I do belong to a great thread which we would love for you to join! **4dpo,anyone else? wait with me?-Part 2** Personally im going to do some more research on it and ur spotting sounds like mine. BTW I am still spotting but a little less than yesterday. It has now been about 2 days


ailleanach - June 25

The corpus luteum (that's the burst follicle on the ovary) begins to make hcg after fertilization, therefore it is theoretically possible to have a positive pregnancy test before implantation. Hcg from the fertilized egg will not appear until after implantation



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