Calling All Women Who Have Had Implantation Bleeding

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guineapig - October 12

Ok so i wish i had paid more attention to my cycle. In march of this year i documented my days. So using an app i have worked out my cycle is 30 days. so on monday i had cramping and a watery brown liquid which continued for 3 days with some stringy brown stuff, sorry if thats too much information. Anyway no red blood at all and no tampon needed, this has never happened to me before. Als iv'e been feeling tired with a headache for a few days. According to the app if that was a period then it was 6/7 days early. So i did a pregnancy test, over excited i didn't do it first thing in the morning and when it was negative i threw it in the bin without waiting the full 3 mins :(. When do you think i should i wait to retest properly? Maybe it was just a period and i'm over thinking things. thanks in advance.


TiyaNicole - December 2

Okay so I'm trying to get pregnant. My periods have always been irregular. But they've always been like super heavy and I've always had terrible cramps. A couple days ago, I saw brownish discharge and then it began getting a little lighter like a dark reddish black. I thought it was my AF so I put a tampon in but it was hurting my stomach too bad so I took it out. Since then, I've been having a lighter color bleeding but it's been consistently extremely light. Like sometimes I won't even see any blood on the pad, I'll just see it when I wipe. And I can go for almost a whole day with just a pantyliner on and it won't even cover half of it. I've had very light cramping for the first day or two but nothing anymore. I'm bloated, tired, had nausea, and mild headaches and backaches. I'm hoping this is implantation bleeding. Definetly need more opinions. 


Mrsreyesmae - December 11

i am going through the exact same thing, and i have so much anxiety because i just got my tubes untied on the 6th of october and this is the closest ive been to being actaully pregnant. I am scared and excited, i dont want to be disappointed but all the math ends up that i might be pregnant. 



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