Can A UTI Cause A Missed Period

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maybeybaby - April 29

well can a Urinary Tract Infection cause you to miss your period? and has this ever happened to any one? Thanks


Amber #2 - April 29

Hi maybeybaby! Yes in fact it can! About 4 years ago I had a UTI so bad that I could not even urinate. I did not urinate for about 3 days. It would feel like I would have to but when I would try, I would just get this AWFUL pain and no urine ever came out. I was in constant pain but it started over the weekend so I couldn't go to the Dr. until Monday. By then my period was already like 3 days late. My Dr. said that my bladder was so swollen that it caused my period to be delayed. Not sure how that happens but it did to me! Once the antiobiotics kicked in, sure enough I started my period!


maybeybaby - April 29

can you be pregnant and have a UTI? because i had gone to the Dr.'s and had a pregnancy test done and came out negative and today i went back and was told i had a UTI. I have had no symptoms whatsoever and while my doc went to get my perscription she wanted to make sure i really i had a UTI but before she had asked me for another urine sample i had already gone and emptied myself out, so to make sure i really had a UTI and dat i wasn't pregnant i've gotta go next week and give in a urine sample. I'm starting to get real frustrated with doctors, i've already missed 2 periods. ack! sorry long post. Thanks Amber #2


aish - April 29

hi frnds... i got UTi and put on antibiotics ...i took them now i am so dry down there(vagi...) and dont feel like doing BD u all feel the same down there...I am so feeling low ... i am going to see my doc. today...will tell u what she said


Amber #2 - April 29

maybeybaby, in your case I would think that the bladder infection is not the result of you missing your period. First off, it was bad enough to make you miss AF, you would be in excruciating pain. And secondly, it would not prevent it from being here for 2 weeks. My guess is that if you have no symptoms of UTI, you are just starting to get one. Maybe you should suggest to your Dr. to send you for a blood test instead of another urine. Good luck and keep us posted!


Amber #2 - April 29

Oh and yes, UTI's are common while pregnant as that was when I started getting them, but I still get them now that I'm not pregnant and I know many women get them while they are not preggo either. Hope this isn't the case for you though!


Amber #2 - April 29

typo in first post *2 months* not 2 weeks.


maybeybaby - April 29

thanks for the support Amber #2, i'm going in for a blood test on sunday and hopefully on monday i'll get a straight answer and not a "you might be experiencing something else, we're not sure" ahhhh i get enough of those. iI'm fed up the sooner i know whats wrong with me the quicker i can start getting solved. I'll keep you posted for the results. Thanks



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