Can You Have Implantation Bleeding At 14 DPO

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Nena - July 4

I started to have a pinkish discharge from day 14 DPO, also sometimed brown discharge but not enough even to fill a pad. Mostly i notice when I wipe!!! Is this IB or is something to worry about???


to Nena - July 4

Unless you have tested BFP already, this sounds like the beginning of AF. Sometimes they just start out slow like that, and if you wait, in a day or 2 will be a real period. If you tested positive, then it's likely to be some sort of hormonally induced spotting, which is ok as long as it doesn't turn into full bleeding.


To Nena - July 4

You can also consider this as Implantation Bleeding if it is only spotting instead or period. My ant had the same experience and was pregnant. Good Luck to you Nena and keep us posted. :)


Linds - July 4

It could be IB. I've read that IB is from 6 - 14 it is possible...i hear a rumor too that the slower the egg is fertiziled that the higher the chances it is a girl..... I would wait another few days and see if it increases, if not I would go ahead and test.


Nena - July 4

Thank you ladies. I scheduled an appointment for u/s today, just to make sure. I have tested today, I think I sow a very very faint line unless I wasn't halucinating because you had to concentrate to see that line. i will let you know tomorrow on doctor's result. Thanks to all of you. --------- By the way, keep finger crossed for me ;o)


Linds - July 4

hmm, I'm not so sure anything will show up via ultrasound until at least the 6th week....but good luck to you!!!


Nena - July 5

Yes, Linds you are right they coudn't see anything but I have gone for the blood test today and will get results later. Do you know the figures that shows pregnancy by any chance? Is it 40 or up to 100???


Linds - July 5

Nena, I think this would make you 5 weeks, right? I believe the levels are between 5 - 100 but I'm not completely sure... it could be 40 - 100. Good Luck. I go in today....still no af.


Nena - July 5

Linds, I've got back the results and they say 1.7. I don't know how they measure it but I am not pregnant. I am so dissapointed and I am almost in tears. ;(


Lynette - July 5

Nena - I'm so sorry :-( I don't know what to say that won't sound completely lame. You must be absolutely heartbroken and all I can say is that I will be looking for you in the months to come and hoping with all my heart that it happens for you soon. Love and hugs, Lynette xoxoxoxoxox


Linds - July 5

Nena, Sorry to hear that. All I can say is play the waiting game and see what happens. In the meantime just make sure you are taking care of your body in case. If your af is still not here in a few weeks go back for another blood test.


Nena - July 5

I am sooooooooo heartbroken. I had spotting only for three days and only when I wiped I found pinkish and brown discharge. On the day 4 nothing at all my pad is very clear even when I wipe. I don't know what to do now. I 've read in this site that many women got negative blood test and were pregnant. I don't know if that can be relevant with my case. ----------------- Other than that, I still have symptoms like: peeing more often, back ache all the time, bloated, lower abdominal pain like af cramps, tired, kind of nausea on and off. I am sooooooo confused my heart is so broken and I am ready to explode in tears ...


Kate - July 5

Sorry this is so heartbreaking. Thought I might let you know that it is considered unusual for IB to last longer than a day so your spotting may be hormonal. Goodluck for the future.


Natali - November 30

Hi, I'm new in here. this month I was really hopping to get pregnant. I've had a lot of pregnancy symptoms, also did HSG test, every thing OK with me and my hubby too. I've been experiencing cramps, nausea,very sore bb's since 2 dpo. Now I'm on 14 dpo and I noticed brownish to red spotting and mild cramps. I don't know what to say.... Is this implantation or AF coming... I did not test b/c I was afraid of a BFN... i'm about to cry...



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