Can You Request A Scan Or An Internal Examination

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Natasha - February 27

Is it possible to ask for either of these things? I have so many pregnancy symptoms, my period is late, my tummy is effing huge, even first thing in the morning before I've eaten/drunk anything, and I can't even suck it it to look anywhere near flat. I know something is up, and I am ttc so that's the most likely cause, but either way, I need to know. Can I ask my doctor for either of these things at my appointment tomorrow? The last 2 tests have come back neg. Thanks x


MandyD - February 27

I'm not sure if you can request or not. Have you taken two blood tests, or urine tests?


kat - February 27

the doc will do an internal to find out,but its harder to get a scan,ive tried to get one but no luck so im going back for an internal sometime this week,good luck.


Ceilidh - February 27

yes you can request one, i did anyway i think it depends on what your doctor thinks... i had a neg blood test but the doctor agreed to send me for a scan because he still had doubts that the test could be wrong as i ahve all the signs.. just no confirmation yet


Natasha - February 28

Hi all, thanks for posting. I've only had 2 urine tests thus far, and haven't taken any hpt's. Are the bloods any more accurate? My doc's surgery is a pain in the a__s though, you don't get your test results for a week, and even then they don't always arrive! By which point, you're ready to take another, and having to go through the whole regime again! It's so frustrating. I'd take a hpt but I figure if the dr's are coming back neg, a home test won't say otherwise. I have PCOS so idk if I could perhaps play on that in order to get a scan. Would a nurse or midwife be able to do an internal "feel" test, to see if your uterus is enlarged? Providing a scan is out of the question.


kat - March 1

yes you should beable to get an internal to see if things are different in there,ive got mine booked for thursday-cant say im looking foward to it though!



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