gem - March 31

Hi everyone, today is CD27, i usually have a 28 day cycle. This week i ahve been incredibly tired, taking long naps during the day. The past two days i have started having cramps, could this be implantation? or would this have happened by now? Also, is it too early to test?


rachel1 - March 31

Hi gem, I would say that you could take a test now as a test called first response can show a positive as early as 4 days before period. Have yo been ttc long. Good luck keep me informed.


Emma2 - March 31

EPT would def. work at this point. I don't mean to damper your hopes but your symptoms of fatigue and cramping could be a result of impending AF. But it sounds like you have a good shot! Good Luck!


gem - March 31

thanks everyone, but i have just checked cervical position and its quite low (very easy to reach) sorry if TMI. Emma i ahve read many of your posts saying its is unreliable but to be honest it has dampened my hopes


tbtemplet - April 2

Hi. Today is CD27 for me too. I have a 28 day cycle. I will have to see tomorrow if AF arrives. I will test if she does not come for sure.


Emma2 - April 3

Gem - I am sorry it dampend your hopes. A low cervix at cd 27 is a sign AF is on its way. And for early pregnancy its unrealiable because it changes ofetn and varies with each woman. I am curious have you gotten your BFP or AF show up?



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