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*** baby dust *** - July 27 3:51am

what is your cervix supposed to feel like normally before your period? what is it supposed to feel like if you are pregnant right before your period? thanks alot!

bump - July 27 12:03pm

bumping this one up? anyone?

Renea - July 27 12:37pm

Well your cervix should feel low and hard before af. I am 16 days late and my cervix was low and hard up until Monday. It started to rise but was still hard. Today it is getting softer and I finally got my bfp today after getting bfn's all last week.

anon - July 27 1:28pm

congratulations renea x x x good luck throughout your pregnancy x x x

Sarah - July 27 3:10pm

Hi Renea, congratulations,

What would you cla__s as High, I could just touch my cervix with my middle finger (sorry!!) but I am not sure if it is soft or hard.

Renea - July 27 3:27pm

Sarah-when it was low and hard, I could insert my middle finger in about half way and feel it. Now it is higher, but I can still touch it with my middle finger. When I ovulate, I can't reach it at all, so I know it's not that high yet. Just starting to get softer too.

Sarah - July 27 3:36pm


How high does it need to go before pregnancy and before period

stephanie - July 27 3:42pm

Hey girls...Im supposed to start on Aug 3rd. Hopefully I dont get a period. After my ovulation time was over my lower back was burning like sensation and aching my b___bs were sore & full. But i know i was done ovuluating because i took ovulation tests..then like 2 weeks after ovulation was over my b___bs started to get unfull & less sore...I now have burning snesation still in my lower back like im about to start period. My b___bs are a lil sensitive. And they have really dark blue veins going through them..(usully I get those veins before period starts like 2 days before its supposed to start but this time theres lots more and darker...) I have white creamy discharge not iching or buning. My cervix is high and kinda firm....Depends on what time of day.... Headaches stuffy nose... Period not due till aug 3rd... my temps are high..please give your input....

sarah - July 27 3:48pm

HI Stephanie,

I have experienced similar, really tender brsts, cramping on and off for long periods like a period (all day yesterday) cervix does feel high, and there is a sticky cm with it. very bad wind!! and constant urinating

I hope I have got it right this month, my partner is so convinced, he is watching me like a hawk and has stopped me drinking. and all the normal precautions because he thinks I am.

I am remaining optimistic though, I need that positive, and i am not due until 2/8

Renea - July 27 5:19pm

Sarah-I think everyone is different and they say that judging by cervix can be challenging since it changes all the time. All that I do know is that your cervix is really high and soft during ovulation, then gets firm after o'ing and comes down lower as af approaches. After af, should go back up again as ovulation approaches. If pregnant, can go up sooner, but some women don't experience it going up until later in pregnancy. Hope that helps

kate - September 29 8:17am

I am 11dpo and my cervix is medium BUT its like touching my lip, soft and spongy?
What do you think, have i got a chance?
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