Chadwick S Sign

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cbaker - December 30

I was curious about the chadwicks sign, I just checked and its like a purple/bluish color, Is this a good thing, I also have Sore B--ts, Cramps.


Grandpa Viv - December 30

Top notch, I would say. Good luck!


babygurl63801 - January 5

i have a question is this chadwicks sign a old wise tale? because i was just wondering how true it was because when i checked it was a purplish color...? i have never paid that much attention to know that it changed? and info anyone?


Sissy - January 5

No its not a old wives, it one of the more positive signs of pregnancy.They taught me about it in nursing school, its usually a bluish color


snickelfritz - January 5

I have read that sometimes it can show up as a pre-af type of sign too.


kristen - January 5

now where exactly is the chadwick sign inside or out side...??


marinemama - January 5

does anyone know when it might occur? How soon after conception? I had it with my first pregnancy for sure. But can't remember with all the other ones.


keys2heaven - January 5

Chadwicks's sign refers to the color of the cervix....definitely inside.


kristen - January 5

ok so if it is the cervix how can u see it ?? i don't think i can see mine...


keys2heaven - January 5

Unless you own a speculum and a mirror. You could try to open it up and have your partner take a look. Will probably need a flashlight. If they haven't done this before they may not know what to look for. Or, you could check for Goodell's sign, which is softening of the cervix. Make sure your hands are clean! Your cervix should feel very soft, like your lip and not hard like the tip of your nose.


keys2heaven - January 5

But I think Chadwick's is a more telling sign.


marinemama - January 5

does it matter if you've already had babies ot does that even affect it?


snickelfritz - January 5

Here's a tiny bit more info:


marinemama - January 5

thanks for the extra information


LisaD - January 5

last year i went to my doctors (ob-gyn) and had a blood test and a urnine test all came back negative, well he did an internal and said yep i was pregnant because of cervix was blue/purple..well i kept getting negatives and decided to have a second opinion. i went to one of the best reproductive specialist in my area and he laughed when i told him, he said that chadwick's sign is pretty much hogwash and said that if a doctor told me i was pregnant based on that he should loose his license. come to find out i wasn't pregnant at all, just late. oh and i never went back to the old doctor.


keys2heaven - January 5

like anything else, it's one of those could be predictors of pregnancy. Although, I believe that pregnancy will result in increased blood flow to the cervix resulting in a more blue/purple color. Is it a definite We all know the answer to that one....+ hpt, followed by + ultrasound.


Patti - January 5

Chadwicks sign is also the v____a, not just the cervix. While it's an indication or pregnancy, I read it "What to expect when you're expecting" that it could also mean impending af. That being said, Chadwicks sign was something I had and I tested bfp. I was also experiencing sore nipples and a lot of blue veins on my chest. Good luck!



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