Could Being Pregnant Cause This

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MelissaDawn - January 28

Does anyone know if being pregnant could cause an abnormal pap smear?


MAC_33 - January 28

I don't think so. The main purpose of a pap smear is to check for cervical cancer. When you have a pap smear the doc takes a sample of the cervical cells. If the structure of these cells are corupt then you will receive an abnormal pap smear. It is my understanding that this can be caused by an infection or std such as HPV (btw, 80% of s_xually active women have been exposed to HPV). I have never heard a doc say or read liturature that stated that pregnancy could disrupt the cellular structure of your cervix. So I'm going to say No pregnancy does not cause an abnormal pap...someone correct me if I'm wrong!


MelissaDawn - January 28



jezebel1018 - January 28

what she said.


mrsherzog - January 28

i don't believe so, but i know from experience that an over abundance of yeast cells can



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