Could I Be Pregnant Pleaz Read

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??? - July 31

i had s_xual intercourse the day before my period he ejaculated in me also. that next day i got my period, but only for bout 4 days which is irregular for me since i get it for bout 6 days normaly this wus bout three weeks ago. bout a week later i started cramping in my lower stomach also my stomach has been maken wierd noises ive been having headaches on and of, and a little nausious in the morning, my br___ts are a little sore also,and my lower back aches i took a home pregnancy test about a week and a half after we had s_x and it came bak negative but i still hav the feelin that im pregnent. could those be signs of pregnacy and even though my test came back negative could i still be pregnant. im only a teen i dont need to be pregnant. but please help answering my questions


April - July 31

ok i think you should retake a test after you miss your period. These are early signs of pregnancy: one or more of these changes can signify that you are pregnant. You may not notice any of them at first, but still instinctively know you are pregnant because you “feel” different.  A missed period-but if your periods are normally irregular, or you are anxious, busy, or ill, this may not be a reliable guide. It is also possible after you have become pregnant to have slight bleeding around the time you would normally expect your period.  Enlarged, tender b___sts, which may tingle a little.  A strange metallic taste in your mouth.  Tiredness, not just in the evening, but during the day.  Feeling faint, and perhaps dizzy.  An increase in normal v____al discharge.  Nausea and perhaps vomiting; this may happen at any time of the day.  A strong dislike of some things, such as alcohol, coffee, and cigarette smoke, and a craving for others.  Feeling unusually emotional (because of hormone changes).  A frequent need to urinate. iI hope this helps!!! Good Luck!!!


April - July 31

Oh one more thing I have to say noticed at the end you said your not ready for a baby. You should start using protection.(Birth control) also there are so may STD'S it's not worth it. Best of luck!!! let me know what happens!!!



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