Could Milky White Discharge And Lots Of Gas Be A Sign

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lizie2 - October 9

Hi everyone and those of you wo have tried to help me out in my previous questions... I have been having this creamy white discharge with lots of gas.. What I want to know is could this discharge be a good time to concieve? I had some girls tell me that this was a signs of pregnancy.. So I dont know.. I have been having slight cramping but when I check cause I feel like I have started it just the milky discharge.. I missed my period last mnth and i am waiting for this mnth since I got BFN.. So CAN NE1 HELP ME?


keerthy - October 9

hey lizie even i am having the sam edischarge lol!!1 but if u missed ur last month period and still getting a neg HPT... i think u should meet a doc gurl... when was ur af due?


keerthy - October 9

OHH ya,.. forgot to mention me tooo have loads of gas... been burping even after drinking water lol!


lizie2 - October 9

im supposed to get it on the 18 th of this mnth but we'll c..


newlywed0915 - October 9

Lizie2, you and I are kinds in the same boat. I missed my period on 9/20 and there is still no sign of her. But i have cramps, fatigue, and discharge. Lots of other symptoms...but I got 7 bfns on the hpts. Yesterday I went to the doc and had blood drawn. Got a negative. She told me to test again if I miss on 10/20, then call her with theresults. She might want me to take another test because sometimes they can't detect the pregnancy until later. You and I can be antcy together!!!!!!!!!! THis is so annoying, don't you think?

Also, have any of you been burping and then having some of the food come up a bit? I've never had that happen before!!! Gross, I know...but I hadda ask


lizie2 - October 10

yes girlfriend.. I guess were going to ride this out and just c what happens later.. Well the best of luck to you and ill keep u in prayers newlywed!!! I havent been burping up but after I eat I am just so grossed out that I want to throw everything up.. I dont really have an apet_te ne more...


newlywed0915 - October 10

No appet_te? I'm kinda like my metabolism has slowed down a lot, but I'm still eating.

Lol, I had a vivid dream last night. I also dreamt I took an hpt and got faint positive lines. Lol.... oh gosh I wish I would just know if I'm prego or not. Its like, hello! Give me a BFP or let AF show up!!!!


lizie2 - October 10

Have you tested yet? If not y dont u do it? I took 1 2 wks ago and it came back begative.. So really dont know what to ge by.. But ill tell you what.. When I was pregnant by my daughter I took alot of hpts and the y all showed up as negative.. so then my husband to me to a clinic around here and they told me negative aswell.. but then 4 weeks later I went back to the clinic and I found out I was 8 weeks pg.. lol.. right.. well me and my husband really want another but we'll just have to wait it out and c we have been trying tc for almost 2 yrs now and nothing.. Try not to stress so much as that too could also throw off ur cycle...


newlywed0915 - October 11

yup, still no period. Day 23 Lizie!!!! I had some pinching in my right abdomen this morning. So weird, because I don't get pinches like this -EVER. I think we're pregnant. What do you think? Are you going ot test on the 19th? I suppose I'll test on the 21st if AF hasn't shown.


lizie2 - October 12

I hope so too.. newlywed.. But you know what yesterday I had this pain in my left side like the ovary but I was reading that this pain happens when ur ovulating.. but i dunno cause last week was when I had the whole stretchy and watery discharge and thats when I told my husband its time and so we did our bussiness.. and now im really dry with cramps and just when I think I have started nope theres nothing.. except for like white discharge on my underwear.. ps im so sorry for the indepth desc. but what do you think, cause im going nuts over here..


newlywed0915 - October 12

I think we are pregnant or ovulated late since we are irregular. Don't worry about in depth descriptions...we're all girls, and we need to know if anyone else is feelign these things too!

Get this...last night we were trying to do some loving, but even with 15-20 mins of me on top, I was DRY!!!!!!!!!! Never happened to me before. The worst s_x ever bc we didn't even end it. lol. Poor hubby. Anyway I woke up wet this morning. This is just werd. I have half a mind to call the doc.


newlywed0915 - October 12

If we ovulated later than we thought, then we coudl be pregnant and testing too early too.


lizie2 - October 12

hmm. I thought that when ovulation occurs thats the best time to become pg? i dont think I understand? but I do think that u r preggers.. what do you think for me? hmm but I did notice that last week my hormones were quiet strong for my hyusband and he felt the same way too.. I dont know what it is... but we had some lovin those nights.. lol..


newlywed0915 - October 12

well you still haven't had your period yet, right? You're 26 days late, aren't you? I'm saying that maybe you ovulated around the time that you were supposed to have your period...and now you're pregnant instead of being pregnant before you skipped your period.... does that make sense? lol


lizie2 - October 12

yah that makes sense in a way... lol... hey can I ask you another quest.? When I go to the rr and pee like this white tissue or i think c_m comes out.. so sorry bout the details.. but what do you think this could b.. by the way I luv how ur so positive.. God is going to bless you with a child trust me..


newlywed0915 - October 12

you mean like white little particles in you pee? Or after you pee, you wipe, and there's like white stuff mixed with mucousy stuff? Yeah- I get that too. In fact I just had some a little while ago.

I've started talking to myself. I told "baby" today that if he/she is there, that they need to start showing their hormones, because I am starting to feel like I'm crazy.

Lol. You and I have pretty much the SAME EXACT symptoms. I think we are prego---I just wish it would show on an HPT!! When are you going to test?


lizie2 - October 12

yes g/f right on.. I think were preggos too.. I just dont know what the heck is wrong with my body? I think I may have a UTI but no other uti symptoms appear.. so i dont know... i dont know when i will test but im thinking that if I dont get ne thing by the end of this mnth I will test like the 1st of nov..



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