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Erin - March 18

I have not ovulated until the 25th day of my cycle for my past 2 cycles. My last cycle was 33 days long. Could this create a problem with conceiving? Another question: If I did conceive on the 25th day, should I still not get my period even though implantation probably will not have occcured yet? Thanks for any input! :-)


Michelle - March 18

I have the same problem. I ovulate late in my cycle. Do you chart your cycle or use OPKs or both? You should look up information on Luteal Phase Defect. It does decrease your chance of conceiving, but it is not immpossible. There are many treatments. How long have you been TTC?


Erin - March 18

I use both. The odd thing is this has only happened in my last 2 cycles. My hubby and I have been ttc for 6 months, and in my other cycles, I ovulated around the 14th day, so I don't know what's going on. I haven't looked up Luteal phase defect, but why does this make it more difficult to conceive? It's really depressing to think we may have problems right about now. We both want to start a family so much right now.


Lisa - March 18

I thought I read somewhere that a woman's luteal phase usually doesn't change length. The length of her cycle is dependent on ovulation, which can occur earlier or later. Anyone know?


Michelle - March 18

According to the literature that I have read, late ovulation happens in about 5% of normal women's cylcles. Your last two cylces may be abnormal for you and they could return to your normal cycle. Late ovulation can be indicative of hormone issues. You may not produce enough progestrone needed for preg. I have included the URL for a site that has more information. Since you have been charting, you could take this information to you Dr. and see what he/she says. My Dr. like to see 3-4 cycles to confirm that LPD may be an issue. Then they will perform tests to determine what is going on. Since the majority of your cycles have been normal it does not seem likely that this is your problem. Have you tried charting on


Erin - March 18

I am using I started using it at the begining of this month, and I entered all my data for last month. Much to my surprise, I thought I ovulated on the 14th day, but according to I ovulated on the 25th day. That was the only month I didn't use OPKs also. This month I did use it, and it confirmed I am ovulating on the 25th day. I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens.


Michelle - March 20

Good luck! I ovulated on cd 18. So far I am 1 day late and have a few early pg signs. I am now 9 dpo. You can view my chart at


stacey - March 20

I have read that if your luteal phase isn't atleast 12 days(I think it's 12-possibly 10) that it will be hard to conceive b/c your body needs that long to conceive. My last luteal phase was only 6 days according to, but I was coming off of a m/c. I'll see this cycle!



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