Did You Or Can You Feel Conception

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KimMcCloud - November 30

I love everyone's stories, questions, and concerns. I can't imagine what it is like trying and hoping for a baby. Therefore my prayers go out for those hoping and trying.

Can or Has ANYONE felt conception, or know the love session that got you pregnant? Because I become somewhat preplexed wih the stories. I know exactly what s_x and day. That got me pregnant (every time). Would you say this is more spiritual, a gift, different from person to person?? Very curious to know if anyone felt it. Not to be distasteful but the last time I told my husband, "You knocked me up last night!" I have a person to definitely show for it. I felt it and knew it and it is an indescribable and unforgetable incident.


Lin - November 30

No, it's not possible to feel conception. That was just wishful thinking on your part and chance that your guess ended up correct.


KimMcCloud - November 30

I suppose it must be a spiritual thing. And not so much physical because the feeling actually isn't physical. I didn't guess or had wishful thinking..I Truly felt when we united and made life. My husband has also felt it with some of the other children. I was just curious about how many woman actually can feel this special feeling. Because I have met a few that have spoken so..A friend of mine told me her husband felt it and she did too. I believe this is probably when the s_x becomes love making, out of the physical and oneness is shared. Thanks for your input.


Megs - November 30

KimMcCloud, I have heard a couple times of women just having that feeling they were pregnant. One lady in particular had been trying for over three yeras and she woke up the next morning and says she just knew she was pregnant... Sure enough, the little girl is not entering Kindergardent. I don't bank off any of this but have heard stories on it.


time4more - November 30

Yes. I knew when I was going to conceive my daughter before she was even conceived. (I even had a dream about her BEFORE she was conceived and what she would look like- and she does.) I had that feeling during that specific act that it was going to be the one to create her and it was. However, sometimes these gut instincts can be wrong because I had it this time too, but have all negative tests, got a bit of spotting, and have some preg symptoms that are fading but still strong enough to be annoying. I'm actually concerned that maybe I have a thyroid issue or something....I'm playing phone tag with my doctor to figure it out. Although I do remember reading about you and your negative tests and your one pregnancy that just popped right out when you knew. :o) Did you get any answers yet?? How are you feeling??


Katz - November 30

I know that my youngest was concieved the day before we left Florida, it was funny because I got my period the next day, had a normal cycle(wasn't on BCP) and about a week after my cycle ended(about 10-11 days after conception) I tested positive. I had no symptoms, I was NOT trying at all(had a 18 month old already) but I knew right away. There was no doubt. So, while it may not be physical, I think some women do 'just know'. I did.


Katz - November 30

Lin, why must you downplay what someone believes? Just because you can't 'feel' it does NOT mean others can't. Also, maybe you should actually look into astrology, it is quite interesting.


jessicaspatherapist - November 30

my fiance and i had a good feeling about when we conceived. in fact at about 5dpo i blurted out to a group of people who were trying to fight with us at a concert "i'm pregnant leave me alone"...that was VERY out of character for me. Anyway, I think it was a valid question and I also like hearing stories about when people believe they conceived.


krissy2006 - November 30

(((sighs while smiling))) here we go again . . .


Katz - November 30

While I apprecite your views, I do not share them. I feel life would be vastly boring if all we ever did was go by evidence and fact. There are so many things that are possibly persuaded by intuition, rather then fact. Many people can make themselves sick if they truly believe they are, and vice versa. The stars may not tell anything that is proven factual, but god is not proven factual either. Having faith in something is really no different, in my mind, then being very spiritually in tune to your body. There is no fact to show that a woman cannot 'know' when she is pregnant. There are many times that women do 'know' and it turns out they get their cycle, however, that does NOT mean that they did not actually get pregnant, if only for a short time. I just feel that just because you do not agree with someones thoughts or feelings does not mean that you should tell them they are wrong or that it was wishful thinking. You cannot prove that. I think that you will know when you get pregnant.....maybe not. But unless you have been in the situation of saying 'I just knew' then you cannot say others have never felt that way.


layni - November 30

My mom said when she conceived me, she felt it, a very warm tingling feeling, that sent a weird feeling all the way up her body, and sure enough she got pregnant when she felt it. It was the only day she had s_x that month,too.. However- she is very "spiritual"


krissy2006 - November 30

My mom was only 15 when she got PG with me and she had not even a 1/4 of the knowledge all of us have and she "just knew". From the beginning of the act until he left "it in her too long" she said she just knew. She didn't want a baby either. So its not just wishful thinking. Katz its funny you say people can make themselves sick of they really believe it. I have always been able to do this, almost on command. :)


KimMcCloud - November 30

Katz - Beautiful choice of words and very well spoken. Megs - Thanks so much for the testimony. layni - EXACTLY what it feels like! thanks for describing it.


Lin - November 30

There is no fact to say that there aren't rabid monkeys with the power of invisibility that live in my closet either, but REASON tells us not to blindly believe in such nonsense. There is no fact to say that there aren't little green men living on the asteroids in the asteroid belt, but REASON tells us that would be a ridiculous a__sumption. You cannot apply reason where it suits you (i.e. in accepting all the modern conveniences and const_tutional rights that you would not have been afforded without it) and then disregard it when it doesn't suit your fancy. Religion is a whole separate issue, because religion is something that is a__sumed by most people to be outside the scope of reason. I personally disagree and hence do not hold to any particular religion, however it does seem plausible to me that one might actually be able to formulate a coherent rational argument for why a leap of faith is reasonable (and is the reason why I am an agnostic and not an atheist). In fact, I have heard some compelling arguments by religious philosophers who have come close. Astrology and random speculation, on the other hand, do NOT stand up to scrutiny and critical thought, and one cannot simply exempt them from reason. People simply do it because they want so badly to believe in the improbable.


BeckyBunny - November 30

*perks* astronomy...?? fun! I like astrology. I don't get into it much anymore....but just for the record...technically, astrology IS a religion. =) Also, it has nothing to do with modern education, as some of the most intelligent and influential people in history have been involved in astrology. And if you only believe in things that are based on reason and fact...you don't believe in God, do you? As for "knowing" you are pregnant...in my first pregnancy, no, I did not "know" at the moment of conception. We were not ttc. I KNEW I was pregnant 4 days before my period was due - a week and a half before testing. =)


Katz - November 30

How is it improbable to have someone know their body well enough to know when it happens? Many people think too hard about it and go by signs and 'trick' their mind into believing that they are, an sadly turn out not to be. However, to say that no one can know just within themselves is making just as large as asummption as the person who in your mind feels that they can know. I am not a religious person, although I have talked to many people and have alot of devoted religious people in my family. I do not tell them that their beliefs are not real, or that they do not feel gods love when they believe they do. I personally have my own thoughts and beliefs on the subject that I do not want to share here. Again, reason only applies to those things that make sense to the logical mind. Sometimes, you need to step out of the logical mind to just accept things as they are whether reason or logic coincide with it. (BTW, if you have rabid monkeys in your closet with the power of invisibility......I think we have bigger problems!! lol :D)


Katz - November 30

Lin, were you temping or testing or actively trying to concieve then? Because if you were, then that could have been you mind playing 'tricks' on you, or it could have been an early sign that just didn't follow through. I am pretty positive that I have more then one that just didn't quite 'stick'. . .



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