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Charity808 - August 29 10:48pm

I was just wondering because I hear a lot about this blood spotting during early pregnancy. Actually a lot of symptoms I hear about, I dont have but I still think I'm pregnant. (kind of like a womanly instinct) I was just wondering if its possible not to have very many typical "pregnant symptoms" while pregnant such as spotting, br___t tenderness, etc.
I am pretty sure I AM pregnant. Its a few days early to take a test but I just have been "feeling" pregnant. I know that sounds very vague but I'm sure that there's others like me who "just know". I was just wondering if that sort of thing is be pregnant without many symptoms.

teaparties - August 30 2:30am

a lot of women go by without symptoms, and then miss their period and take a test and find out they are. others, have a lot of symptoms, then find out it was because their period was going to start or some kind of hormonal change.

wait until your period is due and take a test =]

Charity808 - August 30 12:28pm

Thats just the thing...Im one week late and I took a test and it was negative. Is it possible to just not have enough HCG yet but still miss a period?

Charity808 - September 1 5:47pm

okay, I just today started bleeding. Im more than a week late for my period and its very little. Im also cramping pretty bad. How do I know what I am experiencing is implantation bleeding or my period. Ive heard that its too early to test before implantation bleeding.

kimberly - September 2 11:47am

Charity, sounds like it was just a late period. Better luck next month!! Implantation happens 6 to 10 days after ovulation, if you were already a week late, unless you calculated wrong, then it would be past time for implantation. I have 3 kids and never noticed any implantation bleeding, not very many women actually get it. I was told by my ob it is better to not see any bleeding during pregnancy because bleeding usually signals a problem with the pregnancy.


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