Dry Up Be4 Af

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seana - April 8

jus wan to know tat if dry up be4 af, does tat mean tat no pregnancy? wat if i m not tat wet, jus mild discharge, mouth has been drying up though & feel warm? wat's the chances tat i m pregger? suppose to af on 11Apr.


seana - April 8

any advice / comfort / positive answers / simply baby dust***??? THANKS!


seana - April 8

any comfort / advice / positive answers / simply baby dust***???? THANKS!


seana - April 8

oops! sorry for the repet_tion - web seems jam & appear Refresh - so i post again!?


Jules - April 8

Hey Seana - well, if your cm dries up it is usually a sign that af comes. But mine doesn't normlly dry up at all before af - so I don't think that it's a good indication. Have you had any other signs of pregnancy like peeing a lot more or cramping, sore b___bs - anything like that? Unfortunately it's the waiting game! If you don't get af by Monday then you may be able to try an ultra sensitive HPT (with an open mind - cos it may still be too early), The best is to wait at least a few days after af is late, before you test. Good luck!


polly - April 8

i was due my af on 10th april and i just had mt sterilisation reversed on 10th march and i have had all the signs that mostly everyone on here has and believe me i am never away from this site ..i read everything that anyone had to say and i did 2 hpt and 1st came back really faint and the next came bak a lot darker and im hoping i dnt have af as i was prone to m/c b4..but now im nauseaous all time and everything i am also wet all time below and my bb are killing me im seeing my doc on mon to make sure with prggy test ..so i hope this encourages you all ..baby dust to everyone


seana - April 8

Hi Jules - it's not totally dry .. jus tis mornin in toilet, when abt to wipe - i saw tis strand of white discharge comin out ... ve been goin to toilets prettt often - nipples v tender - head ever feel so fainty/dizzy - weepy when v angry .. r these gd indications?


L - April 9

I notice more discharge when I have bowl movement actually. N e one else? (sorry :)



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