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beebee2 - July 29th, 2008 2:49 PM

My fiance and I had sex on my ovulation date of 20th July. We used the withdrawral method (i know i know) but I think he may have just been a bit too late coming out, and the semen seemed to go everywhere (not a pretty picture i know!) Im 9dpo. On the 7th dpo I was in a foul mood and was arguing and crying with my finace all day. Then i had a pinching and tugging sensation in my uterus. My boobs seem bigger but not painful, Im bloated and feeling lathargic and sometimes neuseas. Right now Im feeling neuseas and the cooking downstairs is making me feel queezy. AF is due around the 4th August. I've had no spotting as of yet, but I'm still having cramps and I'm so gassy. Took 2 PT, yesterday (I know I know, too early! and one today, both BFN but a nurse practitioner took blood from me today to test for my hCG levels. Am I having preg symtoms? This would be my first baby, I'm praying god for a BFP!!! I keep telling myself, your not pregnant, but something seems different and something else is telling me this time will be different! answers would be awesome! baby dust to all :-) *************************

Grandpa Viv - July 29th, 2008 2:54 PM

Believable exposure and promising signs. The lotion discharge sign is often a giveaway if it is not part of your normal cycle. Good luck with the test!

beebee2 - July 29th, 2008 3:36 PM

hey grandpa viv, i just been to the loo and wiped, very pink spotting, more symptoms? im seriously starting to freak now! support!

Grandpa Viv - July 29th, 2008 10:58 PM

You have so many signs for still being 6 days away from AF that I have to wonder if you are not psyching yourself into them - that does happen, but it does not mean you are not getting pg. The spotting is timely for implantation. Testing this early is a waste of psychic energy. Why don't you take some deep breaths and focus on something else until Sunday morning at the earliest. A test at that time has a chance of being positive, but sometimes pregnancies do not show positive until 2 weeks late for AF, so you may have even more waiting to do. Good luck!


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