Exercising While TTC

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HB - March 15

Does anybody know if exercising while TTC is a bad idea? I usually do 20 minutes of Pilates every day & then about 15-20 minutes of cardio-either riding my bike or use my elliptical machine.


to HB - March 15

Exercise is good for you whether ttc or not. If you have specific issues, you should contact your dr.


Ana - March 15

I have read in a pregnancy fitness book that for first trimester you have to watch your body temperature while exercising. Overheating can cause fetal damage and you may not even know that you are pregnant.Your heart rate is not supposed to go above 140. They also recomend talking test, meaning that at any time while you exercise you should be able to say a sentence without loosing your breath.


chriss - March 15

HB - exercising while trying to conceive is not a bad idea, but once you become pregnant, talk to your Doctor about which exercises you should/should not be doing. You don't seem to be exercising to the extreme, meaning that alot of runners, body builders or any female athlete that has a very low body fat ratio may not have their periods and this can be a problem if they are TTC. Hope this helps.


HB - March 15

Thanks for the input Ana & Chriss. I definitely don't try & overdo my workouts (I'm kinda lazy that way...lol). We have been TTC since about December & nothing yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! I was also wondering how soon you can start having symptoms? I am only 5 DPO but my b___bs hurt, I seem to always be hungry & today shortley after I ate lunch I started feeling real tired & kinda lightheaded. (I didn't eat a whole lot. I mean not so much that I got real full & started to feel sleepy). I also have started getting headaches. Anyone know if these could be early signs??? Or is it still too soon?


Kerri - March 15

Hi HB, I'm a female bodybuilder who is going tomorrow to see if I am pg at an ob gyn. My bodyfat is higher when I'm not competing which is now and if I'm preg then I'm probably about three to five weeks. I agree not to exercise to the extreme and I have cut back my workouts and intensity level and even though my bodyfat level is lower when I compete I highly doubt if it has reached below 10-12% LOL when I did compete. I can check if you would like when I go to my appt tomorrow!! Hope this helps!


HB - March 15

Hey Kerri Thanks!! I would love to know what you find out tomorrow! Are you TTC? If so, how long?


bump - March 15



Kerri - March 15

Hi HB, We've only tried since January TTC and I feel that moderate exercise is O.K. I will admit that I have never done Pilates but as long as you don't overdo it then things should be O.K. That will be one of my main questions tomorrow even for myself to see how much exercise if I am pregnant that I should be doing. But exercising while TTC is not a bad idea as it will keep you healthy and even when pregnant until you are told to stop is good also and to keep your weight in check as well. I know its hard because I eat alot already but I don't want to put alot of weight on cause it only makes it harder to take it off after a baby is born. I will keep you posted on what I find out and GOOD LUCK AND BABY DUST TO YOU!!!!


Kerri - March 16

Will try and get all the info I can at my appt today hopefully!!


HB - March 16

Thanks again Kerri! Baby Dust to You!!


chriss - March 16

HB, The things that you've listed, the headaches and sore b___bs can be a sign of pregnancy, but they can also be a sign of af. The closer you get to the time af arrives, the more symptoms you should have if you are pg. For me, I noticed that I was really light headed, had really sore b___bs and strange feelings in my abdomen. I ended up having a miscarriage, but at least I know some of the symptoms now for the future. For Kerri, very sorry if I've misinformed HB about the low % body fat for female body builders. I'm a runner and so was going by this and just some things that I've heard. BABY DUST TO ALL!!!


HB - March 16

Thanks Chriss. I'm due for AF on the 24th so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't show! Baby Dust to you too!!!


Kerri - March 16

To Chriss You are not wrong in your answer just that I'm an exception to the rule and I have extra estrogen which makes it difficult for me to get definition when I compete and after I have a compet_tion my bodyfat just skyrockets for some reason LOL. I eat really well when I'm not competing just not as strict and take weekends for the occasional pigout. Like Saturday and Sunday nights I will have a treat like chips or ice cream but for the most part most female athletes who jog, bodybuild, do gymnastics and others do have a low level of bodyfat. Will keep you posted on what I find out which will be soon!!


quetta - August 15

should you do like sit-ups or crunches while ttc?



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