Feel Pregnant But Neg Test 2 Days Before Period

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pin up - August 30

I'm due for my period on 8/31/05 tomorrow, but I feel pregnant and got a negativate test yesterday with first response. symtoms are lightly sore br___t, belly button pain, freaquent urination, naseous and heart burn....anyone else?


B - August 30

I am due today and also got negative test. Symptoms are mild cramping for past week 1/2 and as of last night frequent urination.


A - August 30

I am in your boat. I am due on the 1st and had a negative test today. My b___sts are having some little pains and my nipples have a little tingle. I am really sleepy. I actually just woke up from a nap. I have also had frequent urination.


pin up - August 30

thank you a&b..lol good names.
I will update you tomorrow if I do get it or not.


Krista - August 30

I tested this morning with a BFN, but still think I'm pg. I'm due tomorrow or thursday. Don't despair, we could still be pg! Wait at least 2 days before testing again, which will give your HCG levels time to double if you are preggers.


A - August 30

I am going to wait until friday or saturday before I retest.


m - August 30

i know there is a big difference in two days when it comes to an hpt...i took a test 4 days before af and got a neg then the day af should have been here and got a +. it could be possible that there isn't enough hcg yet...it doubles every two days...i would take a test if she isn't here tomorrow...


A - August 30

Wow! I didnt know that it doubled every 2 days. AF is supposed to be here with in a few days. My cycle varies a few days, so I think I will wait a little longer. Have you had an little sharp pains in your b___sts at all? While I am sitting here, I'll have little pains that go to my nipples kind of. It is weird. Also, if i even barely touch my nipples they get hard. They have NEVER done that. I usually dont even have feeling in them let alone have them get stimulated that easily. Strange...


pin up - August 31

M your words are very encouraging, thank you. Today my period is due, and it's 10:02am an no sign of it yet. I'm crossing my fingers here. My brest have light pain which is not normal on th day I get my period and my belly b___ton continues to hurt, it did bug me through the night. have to pee a bit more too and have period/gas like cramps......still hoping period doesn't show up. good luck to all you girlies
much love,
pin up


B - August 31

I like "pin up" too :) I tested again today and no af. I guess I should have waited but I just couldn't. I made an appt with the dr tomorrow for a blood test. I was hoping to get the results before the LOOOONG weekend. Not sure the dr told me it could take 3 days. Of coarse I will probably take another test this weekend if I don't get the results. Yesterday I got the same sharp pain in my left nipple. Still urinating frequently. I will keep you posted. How is everyone else doing? Good luck to us all!


pin up - August 31

B, your a sweet heart. I really hope you do get you results before the long weekend cause I know it will just make it seam longer. I know what you mean about testing evry time cause you can wait. I have such an anoying anxious feeling, especially with the stomach pain.....AHHHHH
Why can our bellys just have a pregnant sign on them, like the tests.....lol


ML - August 31

I was due the 22nd to the 24th area of time, and I did a test on the 27th and it was negative, and still no af so I am going to do a test this weekend. I have somewhat sore b___st and am peeing alot to, and a bit hungrier too.


kirstie - August 31

hi all, i feel the same!! i think i spoke to A on this site yesterday, i also did a test this morning cs i couldnt wait!! came out neg though. worked out my last period was 1st aug, so due anytime this week really. AF is all over the place at moment due to miscarriage in may, hate having to wait til the weekend to test again, know i wont be able to wait that long.
have similar symptoms to you guys, mainly sore nipples, and funny stretching shooting pains near belly b___ton, headaches and backache. i never get these symptoms when im due AF-hopefully its not all in my head!!


pin up - August 31

Kristie, thank you for your input. I keep hoping it's not all in my head also.....I'm pulling for you. WAITING is the WORST!..... keep us updated hun


kirstie - August 31

will do, keep me posted everyone, we all seem to be in the same situation. i 'feel' preg too, i didnt notice my symptoms until about 8 weeks preg last time and my hcg didnt multiply rapidly last preg, so im just wondering if i could be preg, but these symptoms being the very early signs? when should hcg levels start to show on hpt? should we be getting bfn's when we are due AF now? these things confused me last time!!


Krista - August 31

Still no AF for me today! I really really really want to test. Its killing me! I had a blood test last week that was neg, but I KNOW that I'm preggers! I have to be! Or my bladder shrank 5 sizes in the past week. I had some AF like cramps for awhile, but now theyre gone and I'm just feeling increased cm and frequent urination. I also have a headache and a tiny bit of cramping. My cervix is high too! Baby dust to all of you!


B - August 31

To Kristie. My symptoms are exactly the same as yours. I wish you the best of luck. My af was due either last Sat or yesterday. Still not here and no signs. Last month I "felt" pregnant and this month nothing. Maybe that is a good thing. No signs af is coming either.
"pin up" I agree about the sign on the belly. That would be so much easier and cheaper. Sun/Mon I used the early 1st response test and Mon/Wed I just used the dollar store brand. You know if I don't get my results before the weekend I will probably be testing again. :) When I called the dr to make an appt they told me that the hpt's are normally right. Well, that is not what I read. I read that they are 99.9% accurate when BFP but only 50% accurate when BFN.
Baby dust!



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