First Response Evaporation Lines

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Mallory - November 12

Has anyone had an evaporation line appear on a First Response Early R. test? I took 2 today and I could see a faint line within the time limit and then later it looked like a ghost line? Just curious, thanks in advance!


Ashley - November 13

I would wait a couple of days and take another. I used that same test and had very good luck. Just found out tues thatI"m wouldn't show up until the day my period was due. How late are you? I took several tests before af was due and always neg. I even used the early test but I guess my body wasn't producing that hormone yet. I believe them to be very reliable. I've tested every day since and all pos and very light faint line at first and has gotten darker. I would count your faint line as a positive. Any line within the time frame is a pos! Congrats. You could try a different kind of test if you wanted. The digital ones that say "pregnant" or "not pregnant" are nice but they won't pick up the hormone till after your period is due. Good Luck Hope this helps. Congrats again...sounds like your pg!!!


Mallory - November 13

ashley, thanks for responding, I just tested again with fmu and I got the lightest of light lines! Just 10 dpo today. Came up within 3 minutes too. Thanks again!


Deb - November 13

Don't celebrate just yet. I have used those tests for months and I have had faint lines during the time frame on several occasions, but I was NOT pregnant. I just recently got my BFP at 12dpo and the line on the FRET was evident. I took a clearblue digital as well and it said "pregnant". I would recommend waiting a couple of days and trying the clearblue digital. There is no guesswork with those because the answer is in black and white. Good luck to you!!!



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