Globs Of Creamy EW Yellow CM TMI TMI

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Cassie - December 7

Hey everyone. I have a gross question. I am 7 DPO and I had globs of golden creamy but stretch CM with streaks of red in it on 2,3,6,and 7DPO. Does anyone know what this could be? This afternoon I also had a little bit of stretchy pink CM just when I wiped. It only happened when I wiped once this afternoon. I also had a temp dip from 97.7 to 97.3 this morning. Any suggestions on what this could be? I have never had anything like this before. I have been experiencing LOTS of creamy white CM most of the time. Thanks so very much and sorry if I grossed you out :) Take care...


Grandpa Viv - December 7

Creamy discharge is a sign. Red or pink relates to implantation. Most would say that there is no way this could start 2DPO - more like 5DPO. The temp dip is unexpected according to my reading - a tri-phasic plateau should be on the agenda - but xpect you know more about that than I. Maybe you ovulated a couple of days earlier than the charting suggested. Good luck.


Lisa - October 18

Ca__sie, Actually some women have a temp dip when they are implanting and usually happens around 7dpo. Usually the pink CM or pink represents implantation spotting. 2dpo might be too early, but maybe you o'd earlier in your cycle. Good luck, Baby dust. I also had Creamy Yellow CM this morning, I am 6dpo


To Lisa - October 18

Lisa - you just repeated what Grandpa Viv stated - thanks.



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