Grandpa Viv

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wondering - December 2

Are you a Grandpa? What does Viv stand for? Doctor perhaps? Just curious.


zuly - December 2

That is a good question because .I wanted to know to.


Grandpa Viv - December 2

At one time I answered questions as just Viv. E used to (and still may) go on a toot once a month because I have the temerity to answer questions here. So now I use Grandpa because I am male and old. I use Viv because Vivian is my middle name. Hope that helps. Good luck!


Christine - December 3

And I might add....he is a very intelligent grandpa when it comes to these posts...dont underestimate him just because he is male..I saw that happen last time...


E - December 3

Oh Viv, lighten up! If anyone was "tooting" it was you with your proclomations that the women on this site (with bumpy nipples and creamy discharge) were pregnant. I got sick of you congratulating everyone on their supposed pregnancies as if you know the least bit about the female cycle. At least you are admitting to the fact that you are a male. Some women, like me, will be able to realize that you are quoting from books and google searches, and not from experience. Some women do not care.... Some do. This should not shock you.


tiffani - December 3

"Grandpa Viv" I'm just wondering what brought you to this web site to begin with. It just gives me a little creepy feeling that an old man visits this site and gives advice about discharge, sore nipples, etc... This is not to say that you don't give good advice however. No offense intended.


Grandpa Viv - December 3

I am starting a community program to address the lack of available relationship and s_xuality information, with the ultimate goal of having more kids grow up in stable two-parent families. We have chosen the name Marriage Matters. This site gives me a wonderful glimpse of what is going on out there, and also allows me the pleasure of helping others.


tiffani - December 3

My apologies for the creepy feelings. What you are doing is a wonderful thing that will make a huge difference in the life of a child. God bless you for that.


E - December 3

Viv - I Just went to what I believe is your website. You must be Harvey and you look like a very nice guy. I still stand my ground on what I said earlier. I think it is great that you and your wife are promoting marriage and love but I will never back down on the fact that you need to experience womanhood to understand the female cycle and all of the mishaps and confusion it can create. There is no book or website that can explain every woman's cycle. What surprises me is that you focus almost primarily on giving advice about pregnancy symptoms and female cycles yet rarely chime in for the threads that you would be most beneficial with (relationships, teen s_x...). I will not ask why, it is just my observation after viewing your site. I wish you luck with your quest!


Grandpa Viv - December 3

If anyone wants to watch this initiative devlop, and perhaps emulate it in their own community, I am presently posting information on ...



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