letty81362 - September 23

i am now 13dya late for my peroid. i took a test yesterday and it came up negitive : - ( well i not taking any iron pills, but my poop has been green. i know its a gross question but i thougt some one can give me some answer.


Gena - September 23

I'm sorry I don't see a question?


krissy2006 - September 23

Yes, what is your question . . .


Gena - September 23

Ok I'll just give this a shot. If you're asking if that's a sign of pregnancy, no. Green poop can be b/c of eating green or leafy food. Also it can be from eating something with green dye/food coloring in it. Good luck to you.


bb220 - September 23

If you have drank a lot of grape drinks that can turn your poop green. Its not a life threatening thing or anything


DownbutnotOUT - September 24

green poop can also be a sign of healthy eating but for me I had more green poop than u would believe with my pregnancies, but thats because I was eating healthier. Goodluck


letty81362 - September 24

sorry my question was "what casues someone to get green poop," i just never had green poop.


letty81362 - September 24

DowbutnowOut, did you have green poop because of your prenatal pills?


Emma2 - September 24

Poop changes color according to your diet. it has nothing to do with pregnancy if that is what your hoping for.



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