Had Dr Appt This Am I M So Confused

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Renae - May 20

Hi ladies, I had a dr appt this morning and asked to have blood drawn instead of a urine test because i've already done what feels like a thousand of them at home. Anyway, that was ok but here's the thing. Even this morning, right before dr appt, a hpt came up not pregnant even though I am 2 weeks late and have sign and symptoms. I'm so confused. How reliable/nonreliable are the hpt's?? I won't have blood work results til mon. ugh!!! Has this happened to anyone before?


Tina - May 20

My hpt didn't look positive even though I am pregnant. I'd suggest trying a different brand, or possibly a few different ones.


Renae - May 20

Thanks Tina, I actualy have tried three different brands. The Answer quick & simple, accuclear, and another off brand by Inverness. Last weds i got a very very very faint positive on the answer test. I just need to be patient until blood work comes back monday and hope that these weird sharp low centered cramps are not my auntie flo. Thanks again! Any of you other ladies have this happen to you?


Grandpa Viv - May 20

Will it be a quant_tative or qualitative test from the doc? The latter might not tell you much more than a urine test. Generally speaking, there is not much wrong with the tests, but your body might be slow off the mark, same as others who post here. The hormone that gives you the signs is not the same as the one they test for in the blood/pee. Good luck!


to Grandpa Viv - May 20

the blood test will be the quant_tative


Grandpa Viv - May 20

Renae, come back to this thread and post your beta hCG on Monday and tell us what the doc's office said about it. I guess you know that the "average" non pregnant is under 1 mIU/mL and the doc won't admit you may be preg until it is over 5, preferably over 50.


Renae - May 20

Sure will GpV, I am just concerned why after 2 weeks late for af, hpt's have not been conclusive. last Weds i did get a very very faint positive, hence making the dr appt right away, but shouldn't levels be well over 50 by now? I need to calm down. Thanks for your input, i enjoy reading your posts all over this forum.


r - May 23

bumpin it up



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