Help I Think I Am Pregnant

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extremely freaking out - February 23

Hi I am 27 and my period in february was totally abnormal. I am on the patch and I have had my period like clockwork the past 6 months I have been on it. It has been down to being able to predict by what hour of the day it would start on a certain day. My so-called period came 2 days late but it was light pink and never got heavy and normally my periods have clotting. I couldn't even wear a tampon it was so light. It normally lasts three days but this was so light it was ridiculous. Lately people have been commenting that my br___ts look bigger... Normally my br___ts get extremely sore and sensative the second week of my patch. This month there was nothing. I have been tired eating a lot more than I normally do, cranky, a little nauseated and today I went to the bathroom and am all of a sudden having a lot of white discharge like it just drops in the toilet when you go to the bathroom. My nipples are always hard it seems and i can't tell if the pigment has changed but the little bumps are raising on the sides. I also noticed i can see darker veins in my br___t. I took 3 pregnancy tests the weekend after my missed period and they are all negative except my mom never ever tested positive except for a blood test on both me and my sister.


Grandpa Viv - February 23

I have to admit you have plenty of early preg signs. You should for sure take tests at weekly intervals until you figure out what is happening. We haven't seen many (any?) women here claiming patch failure. Come back to this thread and let us know how it turns out. Good luck!


extremely freaking out - February 23

i forgot to add that I was on two different rounds of antibiotics in december and january after my recent knee surgery. I completely spaced on the possible interaction thing.



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