How Common Is It To Get A BFP At 10 Dpo

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elizajane - April 10

Is it really that common to get a BFP at 10 dpo??? I just tested at 10 days and it was BFN... i have mild cramps and sore BBS, slight nausea, and no cm- which is different for me...i got a positive OPK at day 17, I normally have 32 day cycles, and we bd on day 15 in the pm, day 17 am and pm and day 18 in the i think my timing was good, I think I o'd on day 18 because on day 19 my cm was very thick and white, unlike my feritle cm- sorry for TMI..anyways just wondering if maybe it is a possibility of getting a BFP later in the week??? thanks : )


Emma2 - April 10

On average Implantation happens on 9 dpo and it can take a couple of days to detect a small amount of HCg...So it is best to test on day 12 ....There is an 83% chance that at 10 dpo if you have a 14 day luteal pahse of getting an accurate answer whethere negative or positive. Good Luck


elizajane - April 10

thanks Emma- would the mild cramping that I have been having be implantation? I think my LP is 13 or 14 days based on my OPK's


Emma2 - April 10

It is hard to say if what you feel is implantation because most women do not feel anything and it can also be PMS symptoms but then again it can alo be implantation. You can only know once you test and get a for sure answer.



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