HSG Advantages Disadvantages

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question - November 19


I was suggested to have my hsg done this month; can someone tell me more about how the test is? what to expect? adv/disadv of this test


Erin - November 20

As far as I know there are not any disadvantages of the test. The advantages are first that it will indicate if there is any type of blockage in your fallopian tubes, and secondly, I guess it kind of flushes them out from and little things that could be in there even if they're not blocked. I just had an HSG done last month, and it is interesting to watch eveything on the monitor. I took advil before I went in, but it pains still felt like Severe mentrual cramps. Once the procedure is over the pain stops. Warning: the dye they insert comes right back out as soon as you stand up. Hope this helps.



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