Im Confused Please Help

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MeaganG - April 11

My last normal period was in late February, in the middle of March it lasted 2 days and came a week early. I have had all the signs of pregnancy since then. I went to the doctor and she took me off Lexapro and my nausea subsided but im still always tired and always peeing. The other day I craved a butterfinger with carrots! She took blood work twice and it said I wasnt pregnant both times but i still feel like I could be. My emotions have been all screwed up and when something good happens you can find me bawling. I also feel just totally different and not myself. Its been this way since the 2 day period which wasnt like any period I've ever had before. Heavy to the point where i needed to change every hour and the second day very light and liquidy and light colored. Do you think that Im still pregnant even though the blood tests say no?


MeaganG - April 11

I forgot to say that I've been on the pill for 3 years but I skipped like 4-5 days a week before my 2 day period. Also, lately when my boyfriend and I have been having s_x its been hurting more and my b___bs have hurt more too.


MeaganG - April 13

I went to the doctors today and they did a pelvic ultrasound i find out the beginning of next week what they found. When I sat up I saw 4 black circles on the screen. It was the regular blue color of the screen and then the black voids... anyone know what that could be?


Keeli - April 13

Hi Megan! It is possible to be pg and not have a positive blood test. For some reason the hcg (hormone detected to confirm pg'cy) doesn't get into the pee and/or bloodstream. This is extremely rare, though. You did bleed a week before your af. Was it spotting or actuall af with clotts and all? If it was a light bleed or spotting it may have been implantation bleeding. You can find web sites that can help you figure out if this is what happened. Some of the web sites I've seen say ib happens to about 1/3 of women when they get pg. I'm not sure a pelvic ultrasound will be able to tell. Since I've never been pg long enough to get an u/s, I'm not sure what kind they use, but I'm guessing it would be a v____al u/s. Usually the person doing the test will point to things on the screen and tell you right then what is happening. Did you get an u/s specifically to look for pregancy? If not, you really should ask for one. U/s is more reliable than blood tests, though still not 100% conclusive. Your symptoms sound good. Let us know what happens. I will be interesting to hear if you are pg, and that you still are even with a blood test that is negative. Good luck!!


Lin - April 13

No, it's unlikely that you're pregnant. Bleeding heavy enough to have to change every hour is definitely a period.


MeaganG - April 14

Keeli- i dont know what an af is and when the u/s tech was examining me (v____al u/s) i asked how things looked and the only thing she said was normal uterus and normal ovaries nothing about a baby or anything. I find out the begining of next week if anything was found. As far as the 2 day period it was constant and really heavy just that first day. the second day it was light in color and flow and liquidy and by the 3rd day it was gone.....Ill keep u updated.....


Lin - April 14

Yep, that sounds like a period. Af = aunt flow = your period.


Keeli - April 14

Hi Megan. I agree it is unlikely you are pg, but since you had a wierd af a week before it was supposed to be due, I don't think you can rule it out. You can either go to your doc and ask for a pg ultrasound, or you can wait. As time goes on, it is less and less likely to have a negative blood test if you actually are pg.


MeaganG - April 14

Thanx girls, one more question... I noticed today a white discharge and it smells kinda like glue but it isnt sticky. I touched it and it kinda dried up in my fingers. What do u think that this could be? Ive had a yeast infection before and I dont think that this is that but Im not an expert, what your opinion?


MeaganG - April 16

Im still getting the white discharge and its more liquidy than chalky now, there isnt anyscrent to it any more. I need to know what this is, its so gross!


LN030905 - April 16

Hey Meagan!! During the cycle your body will produce several types of cervical mucous (cm)...I watch mine bc I am having weird cycles and I hoping it will kinda clue me in on when Im ovulating..but anyways..if you go to this site it shows pics of cm in different stages..i would say its just some cm...but I could be wrong. Take a look at this site and if it doesnt help you, let us know. The site is..


MeaganG - April 17

Thanx for the website but it hasnt gotton that thick yet. I just noticed some white discharge on my undies. Not enough to measure it yet though.



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