Implantation Bleeding Or Period 2

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scrunchmuffin - June 19

Okay, so this morning when I went to the bathroom, I wiped away some light pink blood. I thought it was my period so i wrote down in my computer program that I had started my period. Anyways, now it is totally gone. I even checked my va___a and there is no blood at all. Brown,pink or bright red. Completely gone. and I feel fine. Don´t have any pms symptoms. I am now very confused. Could I have thought that my last period came one week late instead of one week earlier than what I wrote down? I wrote down that it came on May 28th more or less but could it have come on May 23rd instead more or less? It doesn´t make sense that it came on May 23rd because the cervical mucus that I saw this last week was very fertile and the week before your period is not usually fertile. So I personally think that I had my last period on May 28thish which would put me at cd22 instead of cd28. What makes more sense? Implantation bleeding or start of period?


scrunchmuffin - June 21

Okay so I will make a comment to myself. hehe :-D It was my period afterall and I started ttc one week before my period came so not a lot of chances of a bfp for June. Not exactly a week with big fertility. Anyways, I am still happy because now I can really plan this new cycle well. My previous cycle was 29 days long. So I should ovulate around 14,15 cd.well between 12 and 16. Well to play it safe will bed every three to two days starting at cd7ish. Wish me luck! i am so looking forward to this new cycle! I can´t wait to get started ttc for this cycle! So excited!



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