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*~*~ - October 16 3:24am

I am suspecting that I am pregnant because I had very light bleeding that lasted 2 days (I'm usually 5 days) with bad cramps about a week and a half ago and have been having a few what I think to be pregnancy symptoms. I have been having mild cramping every now and then every since the bleeding stopped, sensations in br___ts along with tingling a few times a day but my br___ts aren't swollen or hurting or bigger, headaches, indigestion, crampy legs with mild lower back pain, and fatigue. I can't really tell if I have frequent urination because I pee all the time anyway due to bladder and kidney problems (sorry if gross). I have been having more bowel movements than usual along with stomach hurting from gas (sorry so gross again) which is not normal. It's not diaherra or anything, I am just going more. Is that a sign of pregnancy? Along with the other symptoms, does it sound like I am pregnant? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I am. Thanks for any answers. **~Baby Dust to All~**

faith - October 16 5:34am

your symptoms sound like you could be.and changes in bowel movements are a sign of pregnancy but for me it's also a sign of af coming(sorry tmi)

r - October 16 6:17am

i usually have diahorrea around the time of af and im due for af today but i have much slower bowel movements alot of opposite things have been hapening i took a test this morning because af is due and i am 12dpo well it was a bfn and i have watery dry cm whcih should be creamy and abundant i have had very sore tingly bbs and nipples on and off since 3dpo which never happens and i have been getting waves of nausea and today i started with a headache whcih comes and goes its not bad but it hurts when is there i really hope im pregnant i did everything this cycle and i have been ttc for 17 months now since the depo shot

sorry - October 16 7:31am

If bleeding for 5 days then most like was af.

~*~* - October 16 1:29pm

Thanks for your answers so far, but i said that i usually bleed for 5 days, but I didn't this time. I only bled fo 2 days and it was so light that I almost didn't need a pad.

shell - October 16 1:35pm

I would wait afew days and take a test. The best thing to remember is what is unusual to you and how you body feels. IB only happens in about 30% of pregnancies so don't rely on this as a sign.

lalala - October 16 1:57pm



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