Is Gas Bloating Feeling And Poop Problems A Sign

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shara - October 25

My husband and I have been trying for a few months with no luck. I am so frustrated. Last month I really thought...I guess I just really want it. My period is due on the 30th and we have had intercourse every other day. I have done the home ovulation tests but I went through 2 boxes in two months and never identified myself ovulating. My period is due on the 30th and just in the last two days I have really had an upset stomache, gas and bloating. The gas is also combined with a bit of poopinp. Not sure if this could actually be a sign. I tested early and the test came back negative. Help I need some advice. Thanks


kandi - October 25

hi shara. im also wondering if i have signs of pregnancy too. i am a couple of days late and never am late. The day before my period was due i was very bloated and it was quite painful and since then i have been quite ga__sy. i have been pooping too lol twice the last two mornings like i had diroreah, ive also had af type cramps(which i dont usually get much) which lasted for about 4-5 days. i tested yesterday and today and it must be still to early but they both showed a VERY VERY VERY faint positive. not getting my hopes up yet though. So yea, there is a possibility u could be but i suggest just wait until you are due and if it doesnt show, then take a test and see where u go from there. good luck my friend!!


to Shara - October 25

I've noticed a chance in my movements so to speak and my af is due 31- 1st nov so i'm hoping, but then again i've been hoping for the last 6 months !!


Nell - October 25

oh my yes! I have the worst stinkies and bloated feeling. I hate driving in the car because I almost make myself sick! lol



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