Is It A Sign Or Something Else OV CM

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fuzzzzy - June 19

Hello, I OV on the 16th of may and AF was due on the 29th of may (37 day cycle). On the 30th of may I had ovulation cm and then again on the 7th of June and 9th???? AF is now 3 weeks late but pregnancy tests are negative. I went to the doc on the 14th of June and he looked at me with a big smile (my doc never smiles) and said oh just wait another few weeks and you will know. What does that mean?? Anyway, does it ovulation type cm a sign of being preggers?? has anyone else had this and not been pregnant?? Is it my body trying to OV and not succeeding so trying again?? Any ideas?? oh also my temp had been up a little since AF was due, iv been generally feeling wetter down there than normal and i have gone off some foods. If I am pregnant why is it not showing up??


sian 1 - June 19

are you sure you oved on 16th of may because you may just be really late for o and that is what has just happened and doc maybe said wait a few weeks because you might have caught on with this o on 7th june .


fuzzzzy - June 19

I am 80% sure I ov on the 16th of may. I may have ov very late on the 30th of may but the 7th and 9th of June as well????


j. - June 19

hey fuz! this month was a bit similar for me. i believe i o'ed on 6/4(was midcycle and had the o cramps), but on 6/11 i had plenty of ewcm. now i don't know what to calculate when af should arrive. i have a regular cycle and af is supposed to be here today, 6/19(and a__suming i o'ed on 6/4) Since no sign of af coming, do you think i should go by the o day of 6/11? in your situation, i guess the best thing to do is wait a little longer and test again some time in the next few weeks like your doc said.


Lin - June 19

Why would you say that you're 80% sure you ovulated on May 16th if your temp has only been up since your period was due. If that's indeed true, then you must have ovulated when your period was due and not on the 16th. It's possible to have ewcm a number of times before you actually ovulate. Have you been temping this whole time (and correctly, first thing in the morning before getting out of bed, eating, drinking or talking)? If you haven't been temping, then it's impossible to have any amount of certainty about when you ovulated, let alone 80%. My guess is that if you're pregnant, you haven't been so from the 16th, or you would most likely have had positive tests by now. I think you ovulated later, if you have at all.


fuzzzzy - June 19

Hello I have been temping for a while now, I did have a rise in temp for the ov on the 16th of may but it was not normal. My temp did not go as high (normal is 36.5. went to 36.7. Normal for ov is 37.0) and then it did not drop for 9 days after ov and then went back up on the 29th and has been higher than ever (37.5) since then. We are ttc. i hope this makes sence?


slowpoke01 - June 19

you may be pregnant and the hcg levels may not be high enough yet for the hpt to detect so maybe if you wait a little longer it will show up


slowpoke01 - June 19

how many days have your temps stayed high because i have read that if your temps stays high for 18 consecutive days that it is good possiblity that you are pregnant



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