Itchy Eyes Anyone

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SugarPie - February 17

I'm going to scream from the constant itchiness that I have in my eyes. I've been rubbing them so long and hard, that my eyelids feel raw. Anyone experience this? And is it safe to take Visine? Thanks everyone for their help.


tara - February 17

I have the same problem but I'm not sure it relates to being pregnant becuase I wear contacts. I had to go see an optomologist (my optomitrist could not help) and said it's because I wore my contacts for too long and perscribed eye drops for me.


MandyD - February 17

my eyes haven't been itching (no more than usual - I wear contacts too), but for the past 2 weeks, i have had terrible itching behind my ears - i had to put itch creme on them they were so bad the other day. That has never happened before, and I keep them very clean!


Wishful1 - February 17

My right eye starting itching today and has been that was all day. Are you PG and if so how far along. I am 2 1/2 wks late...testing next week.


....... - February 18

It happened to me too. It started from Jan that my eyes get red and so itchy. I used to rub them a lot. Sometime it was left and sometime it was right. Sometime it happened in the morning and in night but usually happened in the evening. First I thought it was due to the lack of sleeping but then I thought that it may because of pregnancy. I'm 2/12 weeks late and not sure if I'm pregnant or not. But itching and red eyes has now gone these days (just a week).


Christine - February 18

Visine won't help. You should try a medicated eye drop from Opticrom, it is for allergy sensitive eyes. I made three Doctor's visits and had three different prescriptions which didn't help at all before anyone suggested this off the shelf product. Good luck!


SugarPie - February 18

Thank you so much. It seems to have ceased for the moment, but it almost feels grainy in my eyes. I have no idea what that's about. I remember feeling this arund what would have been two weeks. My last period was November 28th... and so the waiting continues. Thanks again everyone!!



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