Its Been O Time TWW Here We Come Ready For This PART2

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izechsmama - March 1

Hey Ladies.. heres to a new thread... finally we're all almost there... the 2WW!! Heres to March BFPS and starting the count out strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sticky sticky sticky baby dust... If ever I wanted something to stick to me.. now is the time! Haha... Lord bless our thread with many many bfps and healthy pregnancies to come!! :)


MammaJL - March 1

Hey Izechs, I'm in not in the 2ww...more like the 3ww, but anyways, Just wanted to pop in and wish u (and everyone else) Good Luck! & TONS of ~*Baby Dust*~


SkyKennels - March 1

Hey, Izechs, here I am! How are you feeling today? Think big O happened for you, for sure? What are your temps like? I am now afraid it's not working. Grrr! Temp perfectly regular at 97.6 - 97.7. The second opk I took yesterday after holding it in for like 6 hours was about the same as the last one, which is, it is readily visible, but still a LOT fainter than the control (I am using clear blue, btw). And what bums me the most, my EWCM kinda dried up though I am taking robitussin 2 tablespoons three times a day (600 mg guifennesin (sp?) altogether. As in, it's still there but nowhere the clarity and volume of yesterday. It's still stretchy but now slightly milky in color and more gooey and there's less of it. Sorry for TMI here, but I kinda want your advice on it. Is THAT actual EWCM (being that it does look more egg-whitey, but doesn't everyone describe it as copious and clear?) Only comforting thing, I still feel kind of twinges around my left ovary and I am still horribly sleepy, which is my usual in the middle of the cycle, only now it is a 100 times worse. If I didn't know for sure I wasn't pg, I would think this is what it is. By about 8, I am practically lethargic. Not cyst, I know that, because then temp would have risen. Help, girls? VERY VERY VERY VERY sticky babydust to us all! Hugs....Lisa! PS. There is a thread on fertility problems board called "what am I going to do or such". I am just so sorry for the girl who made the original comment. I had already pimped it on another thread I am hanging on. She is really struggling and I am hoping if she hears from more of us, it will help her come to terms with making a right decision. Check it out, please, if you get the chance?


izechsmama - March 1

thanks mamma! i'm so glad to be in the 2ww.... SKy... you can look at my chart... fertility friend.. home/izechsmama and see my temps.. Carla! what is your FF chart addy? yeah SKy I oed cause i had my temp dip, two increases and a very postivie opk yesterday... along with backahce and ovary pain


Martha31 - March 1

izechsmama, I am not charting, although I probably should...this was only my first month trying so I guess I wanted it to be all natural, but instead I got all confused with the cm coming before my O was supposed to come...


izechsmama - March 1

yeah it can be amazing what your body will do.. this is our 4th month ttc.. and the first 3 i wasnt doing anything.. so i'm hoping it happens... i would try temping if it doesnt work for you this month.. thats the only for sure way to know that ovulation has occured..


Martha31 - March 1

I will defienitley try temping. Thanks a lot:)


kerilynh - March 1

I'll join ya. I just got word today that my friend is pregnant again (miscarriage last year so lets wish her the best). So Hopefully this month will be my month and we can be preggo together. All of us can be preggo together! Baby dust to all!


Martha31 - March 1

thaks kerilynh and good luck to all of us!!:)


whatisgoingon - March 1

Yay!! New post, the tww!! How exciting is that!! I have a good feeling about this cycle hey.. I dont know why, I just do.. so we will see what happens I guess. Im going to keep bedding til about cd18, today is cd11, then I will know I am well & truly out of the "O" phase 4 sure & that it cant sneakily escape me! he he. Il be devasted if af arrives, but what can you do? Try Try Again thats wat I guess! he he.. Its funny I wasnt "planning" on a end of yr baby, but I might just get that! My bday is Dec, so that could be interesting! Its summer here in Nov-Jan, I was hoping a winter baby would be nice, bcos here in Australila its very hot around Nov-Dec, not good when you are very much so pregnant & about to pop! he he. So Izechs/All, you planning on testing near to af, or just going to see if af arrives? :)


izechsmama - March 1

Holly... did you do another opk? i think that maybe your dip today was an O dip and now they're going to increase... do another opk.. i'm dyin to know... haha.. i'm not sure when i will test.. i'm gonna keep an eye on my temps and go from there.... so we'll see.... i hope this is it... :) welcome everyone!!!


BeccaBaby1 - March 1

Hi Everyone! I think I'm going to test around 30 days after the last AF. Since I am so irregular I have no idea where that will leave me but it drives me CRAZY waiting around for soooo long.


carla123 - March 2

hi ya girls!! how are we all today?? well ,y temp rised again today so thats good. it dipped 2 days ago and now in the last to temps its risen. i dont know wheather to believe i ahve o'd or not supppose just wait to see when ff will tell me. i just hope for another rise in temp tomorrow. cos doesn't ff say 3 raised temps is o?? and izechs how do i let you all look at chart ff?? i dont know i am all new to this!! let me know and you cab take a peak. and since today it looks like my cm has started to dry up a little!!! TONS OF BABY DUST TO ALL MAKE SURE YOU CATCH IT!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX


carla123 - March 2

izechs i ahve managed to do my chart its home/carlaj let me know what you think thanks xx


izechsmama - March 2

Good Morning girls... well FF gave me crosshairs... so i'm glad about that... although even if it didnt i'd know from the opk that i ovulated and the temp increases... but anyways CARLA.. it looks like you may have oed two days ago... i'm not sure FF will give you crosshairs though only because the temp increase has to be so much for FF to put crosshairs on... if you get a big temp increase tomorrow then it probably will... but either way I think you will be 3dpo tomorrow! I'm 3dpo today.. yay! and best of all i'm back to a normal 28 day cycle... i Oed on CD14 like i used to.... so.. took me four cycles to get normal again... and if i dont get pregnant at least i'm normal for me again.... :) HOLLY update your chart and take an opk! I'm dying here.. haha.... i'm stalking your chart... SKY how you doing girl? still doing those opks? hope you get your + soon! Becca how are you??? well I will check in later... have fun and update those charts! wink wink


bsing123 - March 2

Carla, i think you O'd on CD 15! Yippie!! I am 3 dpo today! I'm so glad to finally be in the 2ww!!!


whatisgoingon - March 2

Hey Izechs, soz hun I couldnt update chart cos had to go out last night til like midnight 2 my partner's work function! Blaah, every1 was drinking & asking me why I wasnt! It got very frustrating & embarra__sing, bcos I didnt want every1 to know we are ttc...but they just kept pushing they "drink this" or "would you like this" lines on me, so finally they ended up knowing.. LOOK WE WANT A BABY!! I CANT DRINK!! lol There was NO way I was going to ruin this cycle by having a drink..not running that chance! I think I have O'ed! I have a 2degree temp increase this morning, highest its been since af!! 36.7*C, I think I O'ed when my temp dropped to 36.4*C & had the + OPK. Will take anotha OPK this afternoon & shall keep bedding til cd18 just to be sure, who knows I may strike lucky & double O! he he. SO EXCITED though, this cycle has me really happy for some reason, for us all! I just know out of our group here we will get BFPS! This morning I had a wave of bad nausea come over me too, VERY weird.. it almost dropped me, had to hold my guts in... but 5mins later I was all good! :) So will see wat happens, something is going on in body.. hormones going crazy afta O no doubt. xo



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