Just Got My FertilAid

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KeishaJ2184 - March 11

Well my names Keisha, I'm 23, I'm from Dallas, TX, my boyfriend and I have been ttc for about 4 months now. My cycles have been irregular ever since I can remember, I'll go anywhere from 3-7 months without one and then when it finally does arrive it will be non-stop for atleast a month, so hopefully the fertilaid will help with that.


Becky22 - March 13

Hi Keisha, sorry for the delay in replying. I couldn't imagine having an af for a month - I hope the FetilAid sorts it out for you. I'll tell you a little bit about myself in case you haven't had chance to read the whole thread. I'm 27, from Lancashire in North West England. I came off the bcp Sept 2007 & have been ttc since then with my bf. My first 2 cycles were 47 days, then 37 & last one that has just ended 36, so I'm hoping FertilAid will make them more near 28! What day are you on in yr cycle? I'm on cd5


KeishaJ2184 - March 13

I really have no idea what cd I'm on, I'm kinda new to all of this, so I need ur help girls! =) how do u calculate ur cd? Do use the day ur af stops?


Becky22 - March 13

Keisha - cd1 is the day yr period starts (the first day of bleeding, not spotting if you tend to spot before af starts) My af started last Sunday so that's cd1 for me. Then when you get yr next af it starts all over again.


KeishaJ2184 - March 13

ok then that would make me on cd48 =\ man I really hope fertilaid can get my body on some kind of a regular schedule. How does fertilaid seem to be working for you so far? Can u tell a difference yet?


Becky22 - March 14

Well I've only been taking it since Sunday but this morning I noticed I was getting af cramps, when I am nearing the end of my period (I normally just get cramps before af) - don't know if that's cos of the FertilAid!


KeishaJ2184 - March 14

Hmmm maybe, I've heard that the herb red raspberry leaf is also good for ttc, do u know if its ok to take it along with fertilaid?


Becky22 - March 14

I'm not sure, it just says that you shouldn't take fertility drugs with FertilAid


Becky22 - March 27

Hi ladies, how are you all doing? Where's everyone up to in their cycle? I'm on cd19 but we haven't bd this month, bf has broken his knuckle & is scared of banging it, so it's not gonna be my month this month. Pretty sure I've already O'd so FertilAid is doing the trick! Gonna start temping as well then I know exact O day.


allison_lee - December 1

Hi, Everyone. I am new to this site and I am very interested in using Fertilaid. I have severe PCOS and havent had a period n a long time. I am taking METFORMIN trying to get it back on track. Has anyone here had any good results with it?



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