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Juliebell - March 14

Hi everyone, I have just gotten my positive opk and I am wondering how many days should dh and I bd for? I know it takes 24-48 hours to ovulate after positive opk, but I just really want to make sure that we cover all our bases!! We have been ttc for 9mos after miscarriage, so I want to do everything I can!! Also just wondering if anyone knows the chances of getting pregnant with each cycle, I think its like 25% or something? Just curious!! Thank you very much!!!


Juliebell - March 15

anyone? any advice, thank you


2ndtimeround - March 15

hi there.. if I was you then I would bd every day for the next 3 days just to be safe.... I think that should cover it.... and yeah I think you are right it is 25% chance per cycle. Do you chart at all?? If so, then you could keep bding until you get your temp increase..... GL


Martha31 - March 15

Juliebell: you shoudl definitely start bd as soon as possible. Every day or every other day for at least 2 days past O...jsut to make sure...therefore for another 4 days. As for the 25%, unfortunately this is what I have read as well:( btw how long is your cycle and which cd are you now? GL:)


Juliebell - March 15

Thank you for your responses!! My cycle is 30-32 days, and I am on cd 16 today. I took another opk and got the same result as yesterday at the same time. Is that okay to have a line as dark (although not darker) than the control line, maybe I haven't gotten a positive opk yet? any advice would be great!! Thanks again!!


sososleepy - March 15

Hi Juliebell. I just posted a very long answer on $Tree OPKs thread under general pg questions, so I'll give you the short version: Our LH surge lasts 40 to 50 hours. We O about 36 hours after the surge starts. Not all of us surge as high, or as fast (for example one gal might surge to 20 or 30 and another to 100 or more) so while the +opk says 24-48 hours to one person, it might mean a few hours (12, a few more, a few less) to another. We can have increasing trace amounts of LH before the surge begins, so it's hard to tell the difference between faint trace LH lines and darker surge is starting lines, both of which many of us get before our +opk. If you use the opk's until after the surge for a cycle or so, and note when it starts and ends and where in the surge you get your +, and what the lines look like (compared to the control) at the beginning of the surge, you'll be more sure of your results. I also noticed that my $tree tests need to sit for the full test time. (and a bit more helps because the surge day ones got a lot darker over time than my non surge day ones did - if you save them label them: cd, time, and how long you held your p first.) So, my best advice based on my limited experience, is bd as soon as you get a nice test line (at least half as dark as control) just in case. Checking cp helped me a LOT too.


Juliebell - March 15

Thank you very much!!! Where can I find out how to check cp?


sososleepy - March 15

Hi Julie. I just realized that I typed all that and didn't really answer your question. BD for 3 or 4 days to be sure in case you caught the beginning of your surge, and look for low cp and elevated temps to confirm that your most fertile time has pa__sed. How many days that takes you might be a couple of days different from how many days it takes me. I found one site that said our chances were as much as 36% if we hit the 2 days before O and the day of O, but who knows how reliable it was. I liked it, so I'm aiming for those days and the day before and after them as well. It could take months or a year, but it won't be for lack of trying on our parts! I just posted a huge cp answer on Martha31's CD 8....CD8....and other waiting CDs....:) thread under signs of pg. where they were discussing it (scroll down, you can't miss that very long answer there).


Juliebell - March 15

Thanks I will check it out!!


Juliebell - March 16

Okay, so I just have one more question on this topic than I will move on I promise hahaha!! I took the last opk today and the line was lighter than the test line but not a lot. I am wondering if the line should show at since I had the darkest line show wed? How long after the surge will the opk not detect it anymore? I know I am dwelling its just that it is alittle confusing!! Thank you again!!



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