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Elisabeth S - October 20 4:20pm

weeeeeeeeird!!! i just was looking at my nipple cuz it looks funny and there is clear liquid coming out.....what does this mean???? has anyone ever had this? is it s preg sign? or something else? yuck even my bf came over and squeezed it to see and sure enough some liquid came out......

kelbabe - October 20 4:22pm

whats it like? is it clear and milky, or does it have a weird colour? does it smell?

if everything seems fine, and you dont normally get this before af, then i think it is a good sign!

Elisabeth S - October 20 4:28pm

ive never had this is clear and white...oh my god i just squeezed my other nipple and white liquidy stuff came out....I took a test this morning and thought there might be a faint line but not sure...I stopped my bcp abruptly this month because i screwed them up so badly and had one day of bleeding after real period yet and im on cd 30 of a 29-30 day cycle....what the hell!!!!! is it sign? ive never noticed this in my life. for some women is it a sign of af?

mjvdec01 - October 20 4:31pm

I already have one child and that's what happens. I am 13dpo and wish that was happening to me.

Elisabeth S - October 20 4:32pm

oh my god so it really is a symptom???? im 14 dpo i think..i dont really track, but i think i would have gotten a real bfp by it really is a symtpom? im in shock...i just squeezed it again and it happened again...

Elisabeth S - October 20 4:33pm

start squeezing your nipples tomorrow mjvdec-maybe it will start! i can't believe im actually doesnt seem possible. can anything else cause this? and why no bfp yet?

kelbabe - October 20 4:34pm

it can be a sign of both, and some women get it even if they arent preg, or have never had kids! (i just looked on the net for you!)

it doesnt happen all the time, i never had it.

Elisabeth S - October 20 4:36pm

thanks kelbabe...what is going on with you? anything new? so is there any explanation for why it happens if you are not preg? if you are preg, i guess obviously this means your b___sts are already b___bs have been hurting and been very sore for a while now...i thought when i got af it would go away,thats what usually happens, but i don't think i really had af because it only lasted a day and it was way early...probably from stopping bcp..but since then i have had pink spotting and a lot of vomiting...

kelbabe - October 20 4:40pm

maybe your hormones are screwed up from stopping the pill, or you are preg, but again with the hormones. im not really sure. wait a few more days then take another test.

im feeling really strange today. loads of symptoms:
aching hips, tired, feel sick, hungry, etc. im 5dpo so feel like i have ages to test. but i have a very good feeling. i really think this is my month - so sorry if i look like a blonker when in just over a week, i start moaning af has arrived! lol

mjvdec01 - October 20 4:49pm

Elisabeth- I've never had a woman tell me to squeeze my nipples before. haha.

Elisabeth S - October 20 4:53pm

haha its a first for me too, go ahead, squeeze 'em! just kidding...i don't know, since you think you may be preg this month i would be interested to see if it starts with you and you said it happened with your first child....when did it start with you with your last pregnancy? right away?

kelbabe - October 20 4:59pm

i didnt get it till after the birth of my first, then i b___stfed her for 6 weeks. i have had a little leakage every af since. i didnt b___stfeed my second. mine is thick though, not runny

mjvdec01 - October 20 5:02pm

I am so sad. AF just came, just now.

kelbabe - October 20 5:03pm

oh, mjvdec01, im so sorry. x x

mjvdec01 - October 20 5:04pm

Thank you.

kelbabe - October 20 5:05pm

no worries. baby dust, juice and glue for next month. x

Elisabeth S - October 20 5:09pm

oh im so sorry mcvdec-is it heavy? you sure its af? well on to next month....really sorry. you never had it til you got pregnant, and now you have it? it is runny and b___bs feel big and sore...i havent taken bcp in over 2 weeks so i think it is out, and i only took it this past month, i had an iud until i was on bcp for like 2 weeks and gave up. gonna start them again if i am not preg.....


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