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DANI - February 2

Ok, dh & I have been ttc for two months now. First month no luck so we decided to use OPK's and detected no surge so far (btw, I'm on cd 22.) My cycles are about 28 days long. First month ttc I had no CM or EWCM whatsoever, and second month ttc I had no CM or EWCM either. So I called my OB/GYN to let her know what's going on and she mentioned that I could possibly not be ovulating and that's its normal, not to worry. The months before ttc I've noticed EWCM so I def have it and know what it looks like, however, just went to the bathroom and did a cervical check to see what CM I have (if any) and out came a very stretchy, clear and kinda clumpy CM. WHAT?!?! I'm due to start af in about 3-4 days? Is it normal to get this kind of CM right before af is due? And I thought right before af you get really dry.....so can anyone help me out with this one? Could I be O this late or does it mean I could possibly be pregnant? Thanks ladies for your help!


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - February 2

I have to tell you that one of my friends actually ovulated on the day her period was due. Go figure. Our bodies will do what ever they want to do and every woman is different. It looks like you may be getting ready to O are you still taking OPK's? And it is possible to O and never detect your LH surge. I would just keep taking them twice a day until af shows or you get a +.


DANI - February 2

Yeah, I'm thinking that maybe I'm in the beginning stages of O. This has never happened though. Normally I'm pretty regular.....or at least I thought I was? lol.


DANI - February 2

bump.....anyone else???


Cerendipy - February 2

If you do ovulate today or tomorrow, it is likely your AF will be delayed. Cycles can change for no apparent reason (isn't it fun to be woman?)...the only thing I can reccomend to help would be to temp and track your basal body temperature, using either a chart on your own or using software like Fertility friend or ovusoft. Honestly, if you temp, you will know EXACTLY what is going on with your body, and you will know if you body is doing crazy things or if what it is doing is completely normal. Just a thought! :)


DANI - February 2

Thanks Cerendipy! I will be charting my next cycle for sure if nothing happens here. I'm kinda tempted to go out and get another OPK just to see what it says.


DANI - February 2

Oh, and more thing for anyone that can answer this for me......is it normal to get this type of cm right before af is due?


izechsmama - February 2

DAni..i so would test again with an opk... just so you know where you are at... let me know if you do.. i'm gonna post over on our other thread now.. GL



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