Mild Cramping Gt Gt Gt A SIGN HELP

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nikira - July 7

My last normal period was in May(23day cycle) I calculated my next period to be on June 7th, but it came early on June 3rd was light and only lasted 3 days. I calculated my next period to come on June 27th. For two weeks before my af was to show i had some pregnancy symptoms like: sore br___ts, mild cramping(unlike af cramps which are very painful) light nausea(no vomiting though) and just a sense of being pregnant. On June 27th to my delight my period did not show, so of course with all the symptoms i thought i was preggo! Took HPT & it was neg. I wasn't upset i just thought that maybe it was too early. Then on July 1st Af came! At first it was pink/light(maybe implantation bleeding) i thought because i did not have my usual agonizing cramps but by nightfall everything fell into place heavy bleeding, cramps, the whole nine. up until now i just figured oh well try again this month. but now i notice the same mild cramps that i had before. and even though i have really bad menstrual cramps. it always stop after my af leaves. so why am i still having mild cramping in my abdomen and just a bit of nausea(still no vomiting). by the way ....ttc for 11 months now!


nikira - July 7

please someone anyone out there can you help?


deb - July 7

I wish I knew the answer. Have you tested recently? I have been having af cramps and have been really naseous the past few days but no af. Even my husband told me my b___bs looked big..which I thought was funny. I am due 7/9 and I hope she doesnt show..ttc 4 mths.


nikira - July 7

I tested hpt on june 28th when i was a day late for af but it was neg. that's when i got af on july 1st. bu t now i don't know ....still having mild cramps


Lena - July 7

Nikira I had the exact same thing happen to me. I had mild cramping from last AF until current AF (started July 5th). I had headaches, backaches and leg cramps I really thought I was pregnant. But nope, AF showed instead. I don't know what is going on??????? Baby dust to all:) Hopefully, July will be different!!!!



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