Milky White Discharge What Does It Mean

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Nishka - April 11

Hi all.. I will explain what has gone on with me. I had a normal period on the 22nd of February, lasted a full 5 days and was heavy as per usual, my periods are a little irregular sometimes 29 days sometimes 31. My partner and I did the 'baby dance' on the 9th, 10th and 11th of March (which is supposed to be my fertile time) My period was expected to arrive on the 23rd of March (or there abouts) but showed up on the 22nd of March and was only there when I wiped and only once that day, the next day I used a pad but there was only a light pink smear on it, this happened the next day aswell and by the 4th day I only had orange jelly like discharge, I havent experienced anything like that before, but I had been a little stressed the week before and figured that my strange period may be due to that! The week prior to that I had experienced sore br___ts, lower back pain, bloating and insomnia, but that stopped when I had my strange period. I did take a HPT the day before my period ended but it came back negative. I then did another about a week after and again it came back negative much to my disappointment :(, The week after I had bad constipation and horrid indigestion, I wasnt feeling 100% so I went to the doctors who told me if I wasnt better in a week to come back, but after a couple of days I was fine, so didnt go back. My next period is not due for another 12 to 14 days and my partner and I had unprotected s_x again on the 30th and 31st of March (4 days after my strange period), then again on the 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th of April (all supposedly my fertile days) (I also took an ovulation test on the 5th and it was positive for fertility). Today being the 11th of April I experienced something very weird, a white milky discharge, it was stretchy or like a normal discharge, my discharge is usually clear and watery, this was white and like thin cream, it was there when I wiped after using the bathroom. I am not sure what this means or if could be a sign of pregnancy (Im hoping it is, but I am not getting my hopes up again). I am just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this. It had no odour at all and Im not itchy so I know its not a yeast infection. Throughout today I have been having discharge but only that once was it milky white. I dont usually get discharge until a couple of days before my period and this seems so different, its tinged my underwear a little yellow (sorry for to much info) and seems to dry on my underwear quickly. I would just like to know if this is normal and my cervix cleaning itself of could it possibly be a sign of early pregnancy. I dont have any other symptoms really aside from lower back pain, and one tender br___t. Any advise would be appreciated :)


Nishka - April 11

Just fixing a mistake, the milky white discharge I had today was NOT stretchy, it was just like thin white cream. Not like egg white.



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