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MG - June 1 3:17pm

Hi, everyone. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the New Choice test, aka Dollar Store test. I took one this morning, and I thought it was a BFN, though I didn't really scrutinize it. A few hours later, after looking very carefully, I see that there is indeed a very faint line. How do I know if it is an "evaporation line" or a BFP? I don't know if this line was there right after I took the test, because I did not look carefully. Thanks for the help!

colleen - June 1 4:21pm

I have used many of these tests. They are reliable, but do develop an evaporation line after 10 minutes, si I would say it's neg. Go to and click on hpt's there will be examples of positive results for this test and many others. It's listed as new choice/ dollar tree test. Very reliable for only a dollar!!!

Juice - June 1 5:43pm

Hey I went to that website and got a MAC OS X server announcement. I guess the website is gone. Not good news for me since I'm looking for information about my possible preg symptoms

you're right - June 1 6:06pm

It is gone! That's terrible- I used it many times :(

erica - June 1 7:13pm

It's a BFP. It happened with me too. I'm now 9 weeks pregnant today. Take another test tomorrow morning.

amy - June 1 9:05pm

ok everytime i try to go to i get mickeymouse does anyone else?

colleen - June 1 10:01pm

I don't understand what's going on with the website. I was just there a few days ago. Maybe it's just temporary. The woman who does the site even answered a recent wquestion I aksed a few days ago. huh.

Becky - June 2 12:29pm

Erica, did you take any other tests too, or just the Dollar one? I keep getting faint lines on them but after the time limit (soonest one was 20 minutes, but then it faded after a few hours). I've taken them over two weeks, and they've never gotten any darker, so I think they are evap lines.

MICKEYS - June 2 12:55pm

That is what I got Hidden Mickey's ~ Aggg where did peeon a sick go

MG - June 2 4:34pm

Thanks for the feedback. I took another test this morning and it was BFN. I had some light pink/brown bleeding today, but it only lasted for a few hours, and only showed up when I wiped. I guess it could be IB, but I thought that it should have happened earlier?? It could be AF, but it was so light I'm not sure...

erica - June 2 5:53pm

becky, when is your af due.

MIssie - June 2 6:03pm

if the line is pink, it is positive, if it looks more like gray or a dent, it is an evap. Don't read it after the 10 minutes, good thing they are cheap, huh?

Becky - June 2 7:09pm

Erica, I had a light 2 day af on April 23, and then another one on May 18. The one in may was 1 1/2 days with NO pain or cramps at all. That is when I started taking the tests (was thinking it could be IB)... My AFs have been VERY short/light for a few months... and we have been ttc for 5 months. A blood test in late feb was neg, but I think I had a M/C on Feb 12 (very heavy painful 3 day AF...was so painful I was crying). I haven't been to the dr.'s since Feb because I haven't gotten a for sure pos., and have been having bleeding every month (though shorter/lighter/less painful).

Amy - June 3 11:28pm

thanks for telling us about it was great !!!!!!!!

Dee - June 8 4:43am

I had a similar thing happen... got a strong positive yesterday. I don't know. All the others have been faint since Friday and all the ones I have taken since have been faint.... equates not showing up in the time limit. So I think BFN.
As for the POAS site, it is back up! YAY! It is cool!

Jiuce - June 8 5:49pm

Well, ladies. I'm waiting on 6/10 for AF. Been feeling really nauseous lately especially after I eat. I haven't been sick but then I never had real morning sickness anyway. I have embarra__sing gas and I'm bloated. I took a test a few days ago ... BFN so I'm hoping it was just too early to tell.

Juice - June 11 8:38am

Well ladies, another AF sighting. Although it looks like a normal cycle, I'm still hoping that its not. It happens like that sometimes. If not, we're going to stop trying and just have fun with each other. I guess my days for having babies is over...


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