No Period Brown Discharge Negative Pregnancy Test

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sharlitakekawa - January 9

For the last two months I have had only a small amount of dark brown discharge in the place of my period. I had a baby back in April and ever since then my husband and I have been less s_xually active due to exhaustion (about twice a months), but always without protection -- the old pull and pray method of pregnancy prevention. After reading online, most things I came across pointed to a possible pregnancy. I just went and took an EPT test and it turned out negative. I had trouble conceiving my first child due to PCOS (we tried for about three years before we were successful). My question is, after two months of missed periods apart from this discharge and a negative test is it at all likely that this could be a baby? Or is that highly unlikely given my past troubles conceiving and the infrequency of s_xual intercourse?



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