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daphnewantstwo - March 9

Here's what happened: The day before yesterday, CD 11, I used an OPK for the very first time because I noticed some CM. CD 11 is about 4 days early for me, but so was the CM, so I thought I'd try an OPK. I waited about 3 minutes and never saw a line so I threw it away and thought nothing else about it. Yesterday I didn't test for O. This morning, about 10 am, I decided to test again. After I dipped the test strip, I laid it down and walked away. About 10 minutes later, I remembered the strip on the bathroom counter and went to look at it. I saw a really good test line. My first thought was, "Wow, it's at least 4 days too early!" My next thought was, "I wonder if I can find my first test from 2 days ago in the trash. Maybe I didn't give it enough time!" Well, I barely had to look and there the old one was. And it had a good test line! Could I have a line on Wednesday AND a line this morning? Also, I tested again tonight and only a faint line! What could be going on?


LIN - March 9

Yes, it's not uncommon to have positive opks for a few days in a row. If it's not positive now, a__sume your O day is the day after your last positive opk (so tomorrow). Get busy!


stefkay - March 10

Hi, this is the first month I've actually started the opk's early enough for them to be of use to me :-) But, I am wondering about when ovulation happens. The test says once I get a positive test (I've been testing every day--today being the 3rd day. All 3 are negative, but the first 2 had very very faint second lines, so I thought I missed O, but then todays had a much darker line although not as dark as the control line yet) ok, sorry but once I get a positive it says ovulation will occur within 24-48 hours. Is that pretty standard? I wish it could pinpoint it more....(yes I'm a___l...lol) I've had ewcm for 3 days now and the way it is going I'm thinking I may get that positive opk tomorrow, but it seems kind of far off to not actually O for another few days? Can one ovulate on the day OF a positive opk? Sorry so many questions, as this is the first month I've ever added this to the temping and cm checking. Oh, also found out dbf's little swimmers aren't that great from a recent SA, so that is why I am trying to get it as close to O as we can. Thanks for any help in advance!


stefkay - March 10

Oh, also what confused me even more is that I had a big temp dip the day before yesterday and then temp went up a lot yesterday and then back down a tiny tiiny bit today. That is why I thought I ovulated already (2 days ago) and missed the surge, but after today's opk and the ma__sive amount of ewcm I got today I'm thinking it hasn't happened yet. Ok...I'm really done now :-)


LIN - March 10

It's totally common to have ewcm several days before ovulation, so I agree that it sounds like you'll get the positive opk tomorrow. I know I've been anxious before thinking I might have missed my surge only to see an obvious one a couple days later.


sososleepy - March 10

...all I can add to that is that O is supposed to be 12 to 36 hours after the first positive opk, and how long it takes will be different for different gals, and even different cycles. I'll try to toss in another 2 cents worth after I get my + this month... I think we're best off to bd at least every other day from ewcm or +opk, whichever comes first, till cervix firms and lowers after temp spike.


stefkay - March 10

Thanks guys, sounds right on as my temp didn't spike up this morning so I'll try another test this afternoon. I've been using them at about 1-2pm each day, hoping that's a good time (test suggests between 10 and 3). Sooooo, we'll see what happens! I guess that one temp dip threw me earlier. Thanks again...


stefkay - March 10

ugh, I think I missed it....I forgot to come home and test at 1 today and didn't remember till after 5. I tested anyways and the second line was lighter than the first day I tested. It made yesterday's look super dark in comparison. I know it's not technical, but because of my brainfart, I'm gonna count yesterday's as a positive :- <


daphnewantstwo - March 10

I'm with you. Count yesterday as +. I did the same thing. Yesterday's line was so much darker than today's, so I charted a +. I wish "they" could make OPK's easier to read!


Martha31 - March 12

I am very new to chating/temping and OPKs...which cd is the best to start OPKs? I really want ot make sure that I o not miss it... please help!



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