Ouch My Abs Are So Sore Anyone

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mandyk - August 1

Has anyone experienced pain in their whole abdomen? I know the period like cramps in your lower abdomen around your uterus are normal, but what about muscle type pain? My abs feel like I have been doing 200 crunches everyday! Is this normal? A good sign?


BrendaW - August 1

I dont know what this is, maybe google it? Sorry I cant help! But good luck


j. - August 1

hey mandy..any news on ur sore abs? where r u in ur cycle? the reason i ask is because i just posted a comment to my girls on another thread about my stomach feeling like i just did a million crunches/sit-ups. lol. it isn't pg related in my case as i am on cd7 today(at cd6 when i first felt it, yesterday)..af has been done since cd3, so it isn't af cramps either..but yeah, i totally know what u just described. this is the first time i felt it too. question, did u happen to have s_x the day/night before u felt this sorenss??


mandyk - August 1

hey j, well i still dont know whats causing it. Today is cycle day 28 and AF day IF she decides to show. Not sure if she will. I guess it started about 3 days ago. Yes, I did have s_x that night, but I have s_x every night with my fiancee (lol). I am waiting today to see what happens with AF. I don't know if I would call them symptoms because I may or may not be pregnant, but I have had headaches every day for the least 4 days, some nausea that comes and goes, very tired all of a sudden but then can't fall asleep at about 10 at night, cramping, and very lotiony white cm. Also, this is kinda strange but it sorta feels like there is a baseball in my lower abdomen. When I bend down or scrunch up I notice it. It doesnt hurt, just causes a feeling of pressure. Anyways, I will let you know what happens! If AF shows, then it was all just very bad pms. If not...well... : )


j. - August 1

did u try testing today with fmu? some women have a high enough hcg level day of expected af for test to be accurate. r u ttc? ur symptoms do sound pretty promising. yes, do keep us posted. thanks and good luck mandy!


mandyk - August 1

No I did not test today. Well I guess you could say we are trying (we are getting married very soon by the way....I'm so excited!). We did not do anything to stop it. And we will both be extremely happy if it is bfp! It would be our private wedding gift...we'll just see I guess! And yes, I promise I'll let ya'll know! I'm sure I'll test tomorrow.


j. - August 1

congrats on the upcoming wedding and good luck tomorrow..here's to a bfp.


Grandpa Viv - August 1

We occasionally get posts of cramps "like doing too many situps" as an early sign. Mandy, you have enough good signs and exposure that you can reasonably hope for a positive Saturday morning first pee. For j., is a three day period not light for you? Could you be pregnant from last month and not know it? Good luck!


j. - August 1

grandpa viv....yes, i thought a 3 day af is pretty light and not normal for me. but i ruled out pg since the first day or 2 there were some clots(sorry tmi). i figured it was af. before af showed though, i had a really good feeling of being pg but just dismissed it and never tested.


mandyk - August 1

thankyou grandpa viv!! That is very encouraging. Do ya'll think I could get a positive before then? I can't stand waiting!


j. - August 1

if u use an early response test they usually can detect pg at up to 4 days BEFORE af is due so u have a good chance at getting an accurate reading. like i said before though, everyone is different....



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