Ovarian Cyst Mimicking Pregnancy

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maryg - January 2

anyone had ovarian cysts that mimic pregnancy? I had a ruptured cyst a few months ago and have since been taking progesterone supplements. Am now 1 week late for AF, but all HPTs negative. I've been having pain in the same ovary and am wondering if it's a cyst causing my pregnancy symptoms (nausea, bloating, sore br___ts, frequent urinataion). Thanks!


SaraD - January 2

mary-yes, I went to the ER for thinking that I was definetly pg and maybe having a tubal pregnancy with the pain in my side but I found out after and u/s it was a cyst on my ovary.I would not believe the Dr when she told me I wasn't pg because I had ALL the symptoms of being pregnant.She told me that those symptoms are caused by the cysts but are exactly as if you were pg.Best of luck to you!


elizajane - January 2

what type of cyst was it? i had one over a year ago, my ob/gyn said they usually disolve- i have symptoms of being pg- not due for AF for another few days, now i wondering....


maryg - January 2

I've been worrying about a tubal too! But I think that if it was tubal, my HPT would be positive? Did you have to have any treatment for the cyst or did it just go away? I'm hoping this won't affect my chances of getting pregnant in future!
Elizajane: I wasn't told what sort of cyst I had that ruptured, but from what I've read since, I think it would qualify as what they call "functional."


elizajane - January 2

my doctor said am option would be to go on birth control- at the time i did not want to b/c i knew that soon i would be trying...anyways it has not bothered me in over a year- i think or i hope that i may have gotten pg this month- i have had alot of symptoms and 7dpo i had what i think could have been IB took a test the next day of course it was neg, i am due for AF on the 4th- i am trying to hold out to test again but then i came across this thread and it caught my attention...i guess we'll see....


maryg - January 2

Good luck to you! I'm going to the gyn on Wednesday. I'm hoping they'll give me a blood test and an untrasound. Thanks for sharing!


elizajane - January 2

good luck- i guess i can see where the symptoms can be similar but i also think there are some that are not- sometimes you just know- so lets hope BFP for both of us- keep me posted and if you get any new info from your doctor please let me know- thanks


SaraD - January 2

Mary-that particular one ruptered and went away on its own.I have had 2 laporscopys for ovarian cysts but they were so big they had to reopen my c-section scar and they said I would have died from them if they hadn't of done surgery. You have a cyst every month with your cycle and it is normal to rupture and go away but for some people they start wrapping around your ovaries(like mine)and can do alot of damage.Cysts usually do not cause any infertility problems.I have had many and have been pg 4 times.Hopefully you will start feeling better soon! Best of wishes to you.


elizajane - January 3

mary- how did your appointment go? did your doctor give you any helpful info?


maryg - January 4

Hello again! Back from the doctor... she gave me a pregnancy test which came back negative. She ordered a "quant_tative hcg" which I guess will tell her how much hcg is in my system in case I AM pregnant, but my hormone levels are too low. She also gave me a blood pregnancy test as well as a blood test to measure my progesterone levels. Tomorrow morning I go in for an ultrasound and Friday afternoon I go back to the doctor to discuss the results. She said she'd call me tomorrow though, with the ultrasound results. At least she's thorough!
I keep reading more about people with cysts thinking they're pregnant and exhibiting all the signs--I'm not sure what to think anymore. I'll let y'all know the verdict. Thanks so much for all of your support and for sharing your stories.


maryg - January 4

OH ONE MORE THING. My doctor did say that it's possible that I am pregnant and that pregnancy caused my cyst. Last year I miscarried at 12 weeks (blighted ovum) and it was during that pregnancy (my first) that my original cyst came up. However, considering the negative pregnancy tests, pregnancy+cyst OR ectopic pregnancy aren't as likely.


SaraD - January 4

Mary-Good luck with your tests results! I hope you get a BFP and it is not a cyst. Keep us posted and let us know what the results are!!Good Luck!


anjibbz - January 5

I am in a similar situation! I had an ovarian cyst 5 years ago, since November I have been having al the pregnancy signs and cramping in stomach! wondering wether pregnant or another cyst? I have a scan bookd for 11th! good luck


maryg - January 5

As I feared, the ultrasound showed a cyst. The technician said they think it's a "hemorrhagic cyst" but they want me to get an MRI, which really scares the hell out of me. I never had any fibroids or cysts until after my miscarriage, so hopefully this is just more of the same and not something more serious. Good luck to all of you.


SaraD - January 5

Mary-I am sorry to hear about your cyst.Definetly keep up on all your appts for it.I hope everything works out for you and I wish you the best!


anon - January 5

Wouldn't a cyst gives you a positive test if it gives you symptoms of pregnancy? Just how many symptoms does it gives you.


maryg - January 5

NO! This is something people ttc should know, I'm realizing this the more I reasearch it. If you historically have regular periods and pregnancy symptoms but a negative HPT, and especially if you've never been pregnant before, please go see your gyn if your period is substantially late. Ovarian cysts can fool you into believing you are pregnant. They can cause missed periods, sore b___sts, bloating, nausea, frequent urination--all the cla__sic signs of pregnancy. A cyst can, in keeping you from ovulating, totally interrupt your regular cycle and if it's enlarged it can press against your bladder and cause swelling and pain in your lower abdominal area. You will NOT get a positive hpt because you're not producing pregnancy hormones. My doctor confirmed that my abdominal pain and symptoms might indicate an ectopic pregnancy, but that if that were the case, an HPT would almost definitely show up positive. I've read about cases on this forum where people are pregnant but aren't testing positive, but even then a visit to the gyn and a blood test are always your best policy. And from what I understand, anytime pregnancy symptoms are accompanied by pain, it's worth chacking out. Trurt me, the more you know, the less freaked out you'll be!



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