Ovulation And Cramping

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Maren - July 25

Hi, I have been sort of off and on the site. This is my second month of clomid. I got a positive opk Saturday July 22nd and was crampy the next few days. OPK only stayed positve that one day, is that normal? Has anyone else had cramping after ovulation, I still have a little this morning, today is July 25th. My chart is below.


LoVeLyMoMmY - July 25

I dont use opks but they are suppossed to predict O...and it only last 12-36hrs after you get a positive test...i think thats what it says on the box....it says once you get a pos...bd 12-36hours after...but i am not an expert i only used them a few times...and then i got frustrated.....hahaha..good luck..they say you should bd a few days before and few days after...good luck ingers are crossed for you


Maren - July 25

Thanks girls, once my dr. told me the opk's were suppose to stay positive for a few days after. But, so far they have only gotten one positive and then the next day it is negative again. I guess I am just worried that it may not have been a strong ovulation?? I don't know what is up with all the cramping. It isn't enough to make me double over but it has been uncomfortable. My back has been hurting too.


hopeful2006 - July 25



PrincessesMom - July 25



Lin - July 25

Maren, only once have I ever had two positive opks in a row, and those were taken on the same day. In fact, I've missed my peak completely a couple times, even when testing twice a day. It's *highly* unlikely to get positives for a few days. Perhaps s/he was thinking about ovulation monitors. I think they show fertile readings for longer. Anyway, from your chart I'd say that you probably o-ed the same day you got your + or two days later. FF should estimate it for you in a few days time. By the way, I'm right there with you! Today is 1 dpo for me. Here's my chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/lin


Maren - July 25

Lin, good luck, I saw your chart overlay and this month in orange. It is so hard to tell. Did you have any cramping? You had a big jump. I am waiting for FF to detect something, last month it didn't. I am hoping temps stay up, they seem a little more regulated than last month. Baby dust to you all, thanks for the advice. Still having some mild cramps.


DianeN - July 25

Maren, I'm so glad you posted that question. I think I am also having ovulation cramping right now. It started yesterday afternoon, I'm on CD 17. I took my 7th OPK today and it was my darkest line, just about as dark as the test line, my husband and I think it's a postive. I think we might BD tonight just to make sure. I am also temping, but have not seen a spike yet. This is our 10th month TTC. It's also my first "normal" 29 day cycle in 6 months so I haven't had ovulation cramps for sometime now. I was trying to find out if the cramping usually occurs BEFORE or AFTER ovulation has occured. I have found information that leads to both before and after, so I was hoping to get some opinions here. Anyone??


DianeN - July 25

I also wanted to add that I read that ovulation cramps would occur on only one side or the other.


Lin - July 25

Diane, I personally think that a line that's almost as dark as a positive is just as good as a positive. There have been at least three times when I've taken tests until they've gotten almost as dark as the test line and then the next one has been fainter. Without fail, my temp went up the next day or the day after. The peak really is short, so if you catch it just below the peak on either side, you still know where you stand. Get busy and good luck!


DianeN - July 25

That's what I'm thinking. I don't have anymore test, but I will post my temp tomorrow, just incase anyone else has a similiar situation. We should be in good shape this month, we have BD Thur, Sat, Sun, Mon and will again tonight for good measure!! We are praying real hard for an April baby!


Lin - July 25

I'm right there with ya. We bd-ed on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and yesterday (Monday) was O day for me. That said, we've hit O day like that every month and haven't been successful thus far. May this be the one!


DianeN - July 25

I'm actually not sure that I have even Od the past few months, I got too depressed and stopped temping and my cycles were like 35-36 days long. The past month was normal, and I just felt good about it. Good to you guys. How long have you been TTC?


Lin - July 25

We started ttc about 10 cycles ago, but this is our first month trying again after a two month break, so it's technically only our 8th cycle trying. My cycles have been pretty regular for the most part, but I recently had an 18 day luteal phase and one that was really short (8-13 days, but I don't know, because the battery in my thermometer died). I feel good about this month, but I'm not paying too much attention to that. How long have you been at it?


DianeN - July 26

This is our 10th month TTC. My husband and I BD last night and all night I had really bad cramps, mostly on my right side. It actually woke me up in my sleep it hurt. This morning my temp went up to 97.6, it had dipped down to 97.3. So I'm 99% sure that I ovulated yesterday.


Maren - July 26

Diane, my cycles were really long too. The dr. said I may not be getting a good ovulation. So, this is my second month of clomid. Last month there was a really bad flu going around and I got sick, wondering if that prevents getting preg. Anyhow, temps went up to 98.0 today. I had thought I ovulated CD 13 or CD14, but maybe it was the 15th. My dipped and went up, then dipped again and went up. The last day I BD'd was CD14 in the morning, hope that wasn't too late, CD15 my stomach was all crampy and I didn't really feel like it, I thought since my opk positive was two days before I probably had o'd all ready. I think my thermometer is breaking too Lin, It has taken my 10minutes the last few mornings for it to read anything, it keeps spontaneously turning off. I think it is probably the battery. I have been trying over a year, however, this is my second month on clomid for my inconsistant cycles. Mabye it will work.


Lin - July 26

Obviously, the first thing to do is change the battery, but that didn't help my poor worn-out thermometer. That little thing had just seen its day. I finally just replaced it, but I'm happy I did, because now I've got one that goes to the 1/100 of a degree (F). I like this one much better. By the way, welcome to the 2ww, ladies! Maren, I say it could go either way - cd 13 or cd 15 - but if you a__sume it's cd 15, then you won't unnecessarily get your hopes up thinking you're late when you aren't. Diane, are you charting on FF? If so, post your chart!



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