Ovulation Query

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hello - December 2

My last period was not right it started broen then turned red i had no pains or anything! I have bin using ovulation kits since that period (2days off a month) and have not ovulated once why is this anyone know????


hello - December 2

im getting preg symptoms is this why im not ovulating at all??


Carly - December 2

How far into your cycle are you? Which days did you test?


Grandpa Viv - December 2

I think you are right. The brown period would have been implantation


Christine - December 2

Yeah it sounds like you may be pregnant...you need to give a little more info though...any symptoms?..when was your last cycle?


Zuly - December 6

Go to the Dr and have a blood test done.


hello - December 6

scrade of needles but i will try and force myself there 2mra!!!


zuly - December 6

I'm not really scared of needles . But I do hate going to get blood out they always have probloms because they can find my vains and my vains are so small they can't see them.


hello - December 6

im gonna be brave but b4 i give blood might take one more test just incase it comes up positive (who am i kidding)


zuly - December 6

We some time have that problom . We tell our selfes lets try one more time to make sure I didn't do it wrong.lol


hello - December 7

it becomes an addiction goin to the chemist gonna make friends with them all soon haha!!! Last night i was up with tugging feeling and constant toilet duties in the end i slept in my little ones bed so i didnt have to keep waking them think i was gettin on their nerves!!!


Grandpa Viv - December 7

Your very first hpt is due about now. I would be taking hpt at one week intervals and schedule a doctors appointment the second week of January. You should also have a dentist clean the tartar from your teeth. Infection from bleeding gums is thought to be a cause of low birthweight and premature delivery. Good luck.


hello - December 7

Thanks grandpa viv i will test again later just been to toilet so need to wait few hours and i visit the dentist regular only last month i had sc___pe and polish if i turn out to be preg i will go back and get another check up had one misscarriage dont want any more probs again! I just hope im preg



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