Period Lasting Only One Day

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suzyq - October 13

My period only lasted one day. Usually it lasts 4-5 days. It was a normal flow but I find it strange that it only lasted for 1 day. I was 2 days early but when I read about implantation bleeding it says it should happen earlier that when you r period is due. Does anyone think I should test or should this be considered my period.


To suzyq - October 13

It wouldn't hurt to test, better safe then sorry. R u can wait until your next cycle.


Hannah - October 13

Hey suzyq, the same thing happened to me. My periods are usually 34-40 days apart and I had bleeding that lasted 1 and a half days that started in the 29th day so it was early too. It was a much lighter flow though. That was a week ago when that happened. I took a hpt yesterday morning and it was negative so I went and got a blood test done yesterday and it was negative too. However, the nurse said that it still could be too early to get a positive. She also said that the bleeding I had could have been a miscarriage or it could just have been an abnormal period because of stress or something. Hope it was just too early to test though. ~Baby Dust~


kim - October 13

It could be pregnancy or a messed up cycle, really hard to say. I think you should take a test just to be sure.



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