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C` - March 4 2:18pm

Is it normal to have some blood clots in your period if you are pregnant?

me - March 4 2:25pm

Is your period heavier than usual? I dont know about clots while pregnant but i woke up one morning blood everywhere lots of clots and a little of something that looked like tissue. this was a early pregnancy misscarriage. I was only a like 3wks pregnant. If your pregnant with clots you might want to contact your doctor and see what they think. good luck to you.

Jess - March 4 2:30pm

What did the tissue look like? I had missed a period for 4 months, all tests were negative. Then I started bleeding with nothing but clots. It lasted for almost a month. In the shower I had these really bad cramps in my v____a, then a clot the size of my fist dropped down and washed away. It looked like it may have had tissue inside of it. I think it was a misscarry and thats why I got all negatives.

C` - March 4 3:26pm

Actually in January I had a very heavy period more than usual. Then last month it was normal I could say and this one start off light and now it is not heavy but there are a few clots. Last month I had spotting that looked like implantation bleeding so I was expecting to miss my period this month but no. Could I have had a misscariage in January with all the heavy bleeding? I had a pregnancy blood test a week before my period started in January and it came out negative. Any experiences that someone had would be nice to hear. Thanks

BUMP - March 7 12:53pm


jb - March 7 12:55pm

no you shouldnt have clots..

chriss - March 7 1:30pm

C' I didn't get a positive pregnancy test until 5 days after my missed period and then the next day I started to bleed with clots, not heavy bleeding, not even as heavy as my period, but I took another pregnancy test and it was negative, I am almost positive that I have had a m/c. I have a Dr.'s appointment after work today, to confirm. If you think you may be pregnant, you should take a test and/or go to your Doctor to find out if the bleeding is normal for you.


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